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About Dutchify

Dutchify was founded with the idea to facilitate quality relocation, to expats still living abroad, by facilitating innovative services that cover nearly every aspect of relocation from pick-up at the airport to furniture relocation. The idea was to bridge the challenges that most expats face in dealing with various separate entities, in their move to the Netherlands, by providing a personalised experience with attention to detail. The idea that stands out is:

“You focus on getting the job, let us focus on the rest”

Our philosophy is that, by building a select network of preferred partners throughout the Netherlands in all different aspects of your move, we can guarantee a fully customisable service experience that is tailored to your needs. Through this philosophy our company has grown over Q1 of 2017 and we are now proud to present an growing list of quality providers that fully dedicate themselves to the quality that is Dutchify.

With this we can offer you any house, in any city, with the preferences and features that you desire. Who are we? Let us quickly introduce ourselves.

Nick de Bruijn, managing director of Dutchify and some experience in Real Estate. Nick graduated International Business BBA and completed a minor in Finance. Next to this, Nick has over 10 years experience in Sales at big firms such as Apple and Sony. Nick makes sure your relocation process has no bottlenecks and checks all documents on legal aspects.

Our company has built a reputation on the market as being transparent, collaborative and professional in our acquisition and sales. We have built a network of preferred partners that are clearly visible on our homepage to ensure that no challenges are to big to handle. With an average of 200 clients a year our company knows just how to deliver value to our customers and partners.

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