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We give new expat hires in your company a personal assistant who helps them move to the Netherlands. Without the need for you to start an expensive HR department for this. Our innovative relocation services help your staff feel at home from day one. Every newcomer in your company deserves the best help to settle in. And it’s our mission to give everyone the best life in the Netherlands.

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Your biggest benefits include...

Compared to hiring dedicated staff to support your newcomers!

Dutchify Relocation Delft

Giving your staff a lot more choices

Our partner network is unique in the Netherlands with 300 + partners who offer a lot of options for housing. This opens doors for your staff that would otherwise stay closed. And makes the move a huge success! 

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Full protection & complaince

We see daily changes at municipalities & on the housing market. We protect your staff by checking all documents & performing a legal scan before they sign anything. This prevents problems in the long run!

Human resource consulting agent

A personal assistant from A to Z

We give hundreds of people a personal assistant during their relocation each year. And our organization is designed to do this for your staff too. Using a dutchify PA ensures happiness and better retention of staff!

Our Services

We can offer separate expat services or a complete service package. During our introduction call, we can discover which solution fits your company best. So book a call today!

Visa & Permits

With services to completely do the application for your staff. Or you can choose a dutchify consultant for your company if you are hiring expats soon and want some help.

Relocation & Housing

Our house hunting service is unique & gives your staff the biggest chance to find suitable accommodation fast. And we also take care of the whole relocation from A to Z

Family Services

We also specialize in finding suitable schools for the children. And everything that comes with relocating a family to the Netherlands.

Administration & Tax

Our consultants can help you to find the ideal financial planning and tax solutions. But we can also process individual requests for the 30 % ruling

Settling-in & departure

We spend a lot of time and attention to making your employees feel at home. And we offer a lot of additional support to make this happen.

Relocation done right

Choosing the best expat services for your company

What makes for great expat services? And what service fit’s with your company’s goals and objectives? For dutchify this starts with our team, and the digital solution we provide for your company. You can find some key players in our team below by the way. Because of our focus on a personal journey, we are open to any question that’s asked during a relocation. And we do this together with your staff. In a very personal way, to make the relocation journey one to remember. How do we compare to other services? Have a look:

Other Relocators


Close up Nick
Being an expat most of my life, I focus on giving people a personal journey they will remember. And I'll monitor all services to make sure my team delivers on their promises!
Maastricht Relocation Amanda
Personal Agent - Maastricht e.o
I help dutchify clients to get familiard in the Maastricht area. As a local expert I can go to viewings with the client or on behalf of the client. Overall I make sure the client is happy and feels at home straight away
Customer service team lead
Handling all the communication on the platform and keeping your staff up to date with the service progress.
Business consultant for the Netherlands
With 30 years + experience in international business I help entrepreneurs to start a company in the Netherlands. And I help companies with strategic advise in Marketing and Sales
Immigration expert
Specializing in knowing everything that the IND needs, including changes to their policies. Giving your staff the much-needed help to complete the visa application from start to finish.
Personal Agent Amsterdam e.o
Hosting the viewings for your staff or with your staff. Doing neighborhood tours and making sure you settle in nicely!

Companies Who Love Our Work

Here are some of the clients we have worked with/or are still working for. Clients who love our way of working and gave us such a good rating on Trustpilot. Are you next?

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A lot of happy newcomers for our clients

Scoring dutchify a 4,2 out of 5 stars  Dutchify Reviews in reviews on average

Relocation from Canada
Read More
The dutchify team took care of everything, from managing the lease, to contacting the relevant utility companies for us to help with the setup. We didn't have to do much other than read the contracts and sign on the dotted line
Visa application
Read More
Many thanks to the Dutchify team for seeing me through the process as I had no clue where to start. All emails answered and telephone calls at odd hours from family were answered too taking away any queries, doubts and insecurities.
Relocation from Italy
Read More
These guys are amazing, they do as they say and solve you any problem you have! I'm so happy I found this agency, no doubt I would recommend them 100%
Relocation from Spain
Read More
Dutchify has helped us in a lot of things to make possible in time our relocation in the Netherlands! They have been very helpful in everything but also in finding a house, the most complicated part in the Netherlands.
Relocation from Russia
Read More
All in all, I got the apartment in Maastricht that complied with my requirements, but I have spent some considerable amount of my time and brain cells
Relocation from India
Read More
I got my apartment sorted in 5 days after moving to Den Haag. Thanks to Nick and his team, I was able to secure the very first apartment that they had arranged for me to view in the city centre. The team even worked that weekend to shortlist apartments for me
Relocation from Canada
Read More
We had a number of meetings with Nick, and then communicated on the Dutchify platform with other staff to view and rate different listings. As we were coming from Canada, we could not view the places in person ourselves, and so Nick took care of it for us!
Relocation from the US
Read More
Dutchify just completed my relocation to the Netherlands and I couldn't have done it without them. My family needed help with finding a school for our children and we needed to find a place to call home. The team went above & beyond to get us the best options for housing & schooling.
Visa Application
Read More
My dealings with Dutchify have been brilliant. The employees are very knowledgeable, professional and quick to get back to you. I would receive daily updates during periods of high communications and have regular feedback as to where my process was and how I should best go about proceeding to the next.Thank you very much for your help. It was brilliant.
Relocation for PUBG Amsterdam
Read More
Dutchify were really efficient in helping me move during COVID times and pretty urgently with communications with the rental agency to get me an apartment in short time (a few weeks!). Nick was very helpful and kept communication strong throughout and was always happy to hear any concerns.

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