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Dutchify FAQ ‘s for all your questions! Want to know more about dutchify? Or what it’s like to work with us for your relocation? We have listed the most FAQ ‘s we get during our free consultation talk. Giving you the opportunity to already learn more about Dutchify and how we work before you click that button to book a free consultation! 

Questions about Dutchify

Haha, yes, we are a real company! And we totally get why you are asking this. The dutchify way of helping might be totally new for you. And maybe you thought that browsing housing websites was the only way to complete your move to the Netherlands. But no, there is a better way!
Nick (our founder) started dutchify in 2016 with the mission to give better help to international newcomers. And we currently have a big team of professionals who all love to help you move to the Netherlands. If we look at the current state of the housing market, with overbidding on rentals!? We feel that we are needed now more than ever before. So yeah, dutchify is super real and we love to help you move to the Netherlands.

We score 4 out of 5 stars on all social platforms. And you can see more of our reviews on our testimonial page. Our clients rate us as great or excellent for the services we provide. And we like to think that we get that score because we put a lot of effort into making every service feel like a personal experience. We call you by your first name, and you can do the same to us! We don’t stop until we made you happy and we work outside office hours, even on weekends sometimes!

We think it’s awesome to work with us. But we’ll let you be the judge of that! Working with dutchify saves you a lot of time and hassle. So all that time you are spending now on moving here. Researching all the steps you need to complete to move to the Netherlands. Trying to schedule viewings with realtors. And making appointments at city hall and other places. This all becomes free time that you can spend on other things if you work with us. Like making friends or getting to know your new city. And if you are still abroad you can even send your personal assistant to do viewings for you. Sounds good right?

No that’s not really true. It’s a lot more expensive to come here and complete the move yourself actually. Because you need to book a hotel or short stay apartment for at least a month. And short stay is 40 % more expensive on average. So no, we are not expensive. We actually save money. And if you get a couple of weeks of short stay from your employer, that’s not going to help you. Those fourteen days of short-stay that some employers give isn’t enough to find a house and sign the lease. The housing market is just too overheated for you to be successful within 14 days.
We charge similar rates to our competitors, but you get superior service in return. We give you a personal assistant from the start until you have successfully moved. We don’t host a couple of viewings, but keep viewing with you until you found the place you want. We have a great team that makes sure you get everything done for your relocation. And we have a platform that allows you to see what’s happening in real-time, without reading through hundreds of emails. So no, we are not expensive at all if you take all this into account.

We work in every major city in the Netherlands. This includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and a lot more cities. And we have a personal assistant in every city to help you face to face. We even expanded to the city of Maastricht recently. And we will update the Dutchify FAQ ‘s if we expand to more destinations!

This all goes back to 2016 when dutchify started helping people like you move to the Netherlands. Nick started the company with a friend and together they found the name dutchify after trying several other names too. The name dutchify stands for making someone more dutch. And we thought this to be very fitting with our mission and vision. The name dutchify also tells our clients that we specialize in all things related to the Netherlands. We are a young brand that offers exciting services that really make a difference when you are moving. And our mission is to give everyone the best life in the Netherlands.

We currently have 10 people in our team. You’ll meet Roman and Thomas who work for our backoffice. they keep the platform up to date and answer all your questions on Whatsapp or chat. And we have Amanda and other personal assistants in the field to help you with viewings and other appointments.  

You get a team of people who all care about you and your relocation journey. You get access to our platform that allows you to follow the progress of your move-in in real-time. You get a personal assistant who will answer all your Dutchify FAQ ‘S. And who will help you achieve all your goals before you move here! You can send your assistant to viewings on your behalf, even if you are still abroad. And our back office team will make sure everything is organized behind the scenes. It allows you to move on autopilot with a lot fewer worries and stress.
Oh, and you also get access to the biggest partner network in the Netherlands. We currently have 300 + (and growing) partners. And this opens doors for you that would otherwise stay closed. Especially if you are browsing housing websites. With listings that are off the market, and priority when you want to sign for a place. Once you have moved in successfully, we keep helping you with free aftercare. Like translating letters and other help. For free.

Questions about our services

Looking to manage your move without too much help? We have the Dutchify Webshop for DIY Coaching products! But if you want more help, we can help with every step of a relocation! From A to Z as you can read in other Dutchify FAQ answers. Our services include Immigration & Business services. Planning your Arrival and Legal Scan & Protection. But our most popular service is our House Hunting service for Renting and Buying! In this service you get a personal assistant (sort off like a makelaar) with the biggest network of partners. Your assistant will literally hunt houses for you untill you have moved into your dream home! And your assistant can go to viewings when you are stuck at work.

We have a pricing page on our website that lists all the prices we charge. We charge roughly the same as our competitors. But we give far better service. However, it’s always hard to say exactly what we cost, because we make a tailor-made proposal for each assignment. We want to make sure everyone can afford our help, and that’s why we charge a small fee to begin the assignment. The remainder needs to be paid once the assignment is done! 

We do about 70 % of our services in Amsterdam. But you can also book us in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Breda, Maastricht, Amersfoort and more .. 

Well the rental and buying market are under severe pressure of a shortage right now. This means that for any listing you like. There are 20 to 30 people that also like the house. Our House Hunting service lets you beat the competition. And you experience less stress and pressure from the overheated market because of our help. Saving you time, money and a lot of grey hairs! 

No that’s not needed. Yes, we work for a lot of companies. And our team is big enough that we can also help individuals. In fact, 40 % of our assignments is for people like you who are searching for a better moving experience. We also help a lot of people that do not get relocation support from their company. The company just pays a relocation bonus with the first month salary and our client just pays us personally. 

No you don’t. And we make sure that you don’t. If you work with Dutchify we basically make sure that a lot of things don’t happen to you. Like signing the wrong housing contract, or paying too much deposit. But you do not pay extra fees if you work with Dutchify. Guaranteed! 

No there are no hidden costs. We work for a flat fee, so you can know exactly what you are paying. The only thing we can do is call you, mid assignment, if we feel that your assignment will take too much time. But this hasn’t happened yet in 2021 (knock on wood)! During this call we will suggest a way to keep working on your case without any additional costs. 

Yes you do. We guarantee result in our services because we can keep working for you until you have succesfully moved. We have a money back guarantee if you are not happy with our help. And we guarantee that you will feel like a VIP during the whole service. We can also complete an assignment in 14 days from signing, but we cannot always guarantee that. If we manage to close your assignment with success in 14 days we call this Dutchify Magic. And you will be super happy that we made that magic for you! 

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +31(85) 303-4044

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