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Our platform offers a full solution to support your HR department and provide aftercare for your employees

Moving to the Netherland will confront you with so many choices to help you with your move. Realtors, relocation providers, moving companies (or even a dog walker) and many more. With our innovative platform dutchify not only offers all the services you can imagine, but we also offer you freedom of choice who will help you. We give your HR manager real-time date on every employee, offer our services at a competitive price because of our technological advantage and give you access to all services imaginable because of our strong platform partner network (PPN). 

Together we make a choice of services for your staff on a individual basis

HR chooses the services applicable to each staff member or collectively. You select PA if you want our help and VA if you want to select providers.


Step 1 - Your service choice

Your assistant will be ready to drive you anywhere & pick you up on the day of check-in with keys in hand

If you can't make an appointment or you are still abroad your assistant will go to appointments for you, ensuring fast results

Any problem or bump in the road can be handled by your assistant at a moment's notice. You will have direct contact 24/7 to ensure results. 

Airport pick-up & neighbourhood tour

Viewing whilst you are still abroad

Instant help and support

 Dedicated Housing search
 Career service for spouse
 Delivery within 14 days
 Unlimited Time
 Unlimited Options
 Instant contact assistant
 Aftercare & Events
 And much more...

PA service

Personal assistant

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You get the same quality service for a reduced price. And a support team to help you with every step 

More options & priority on all options available on your profile submitted by dutchify and partners

Our legal team prevents you from signing contracts that do not fit your moving plan and we support your viewing process and decision making

Service quality insurance

Priority of your profile

Legal & negotiations

Assisted Housing search Career services for spouse
Fast delivery
Unlimited Time
Limited Options
Contact Service Team
And more...

VA Service

Virtual assistant

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Working with dutchify gives your company the best relocation solution for the Netherlands 

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We give your HR department the choice of hiring a PA or VA for the selection of services. Our VA (virtual assistant) gives a significant cost advantage whilst ensuring quality relocation services.

Competitive price

Realtime data

Our platform monitors the relocation journey and reports all progress to your HR manager. This way your company has full control over the services offered from us and our partners


Not only does your company get to select services on an employee level.. you also get to choose which service partner is best! And no lengthy contracts either, monthly cancellation

You decide the services

You choice the service provider 

Step 2 - Your moving plan

Your personal assistant (PA) or our service partners will write a discovery report with all the details of the move and enlist each service element with deadlines. 

If you already have certain service providers now would be a good time to mention these providers can also be enlisted on the platform. 



Airport pickup

Viewing remotely


Step 1 - The service performance

Your employee can ask us anything regarding the move or life in the Netherlands

During the service your HR manager can keep track of the progress, see the agenda of the employee, write messages to the platform and cancel appointments where necessary

Step 2 - Service delivery

The assistant (PA or VA) will answer all questions from your employee and dutchify makes sure the service is delivered on time and with quality. We also intervene if partners make a mistake and if you choose PA we even ensure delivery on deadline and a hands-on approach if any problems might occur during service delivery 

Step 3 - Aftercare & support

Legal support

Dutchify will keep supporting your staff when they moved to the country with a support desk that is available on Whatsapp, E-mail, and phone. Next to that, we host seminars and workshops to Integrate your staff and their spouse in the best way possible.

Get the data

Encrypted data

GDRP proof



You can download a custom report on your staff relocation to evaluate service delivery. As a bonus all data uploaded to the platform is GDRP proof. 

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Booking a personal assistant for your move to the Netherlands allows personal help with every step of your move. Your assistant will accompany you or perform services for you whilst you are busy preparing for your move.

Booking a virtual assistant for your move to the Netherlands guarantees you all the quality services of dutchify and our preferred partners at a budget. Your VA will book your appointment, perform the selected services and assist your move.

Giving your company more choice and better service

A one-stop-shop solution on a needs to go basis, giving your HR department the ability to choose service providers that fit your company. Our innovative platform solution offers freedom of choice, a variety of services, and a Virtual or Personal assistant that will help your staff achieve the best start in the Netherlands. Your benefits? No lengthy contracts, quality relocation services for any budget and the best services offer that the Netherlands has to offer. 

Choosing dutchify for your company's global mobility is like choosing the best corporate relocator but with cutting edge platform software. And to make it even better you don't have the hassle of lengthy contracts and limitations in services. 

Your data is safe on our platform and you can evaluate the relocation of your staff like you have an inhouse mobility desk. 

You simply sign up by scheduling a demo call and you can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis. How easy is that?