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Hey future mover, on this page, I’m offering 30 minutes of my time for a free call about your search for a house. During the call, which I always do with Zoom, you can use my time to your benefit. You get to meet me face-to-face and get to know all about House Hunting in the Netherlands. During our 30 minute talk, I will focus on your story and listen to what you’ve done so far to find housing. I will give you some tips & see what we improve if we work together. I’m sure this call will be worth your time, especially if you are searching on Funda or another website for housing!! And feedback from people I spoke to said that they at least walked out of this call with a lot more information and reassurance.

But do you want to make sure this is a useful call for you? Well if the above didn’t convince you to schedule a meeting, here is what you can expect when you make an appointment:

And after our call I can send you a recording of our session at the end of the meeting. So you don’t have to take notes during our talk. You can use this recording to plan your next steps! 

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relocation service pricing

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