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The core of what makes dutchify so great for you and your move or relocation journey. YOU! And why getting #dutchified is the best feeling you’ll ever experience when you are moving to a new country. We’re Fully Focused on Your Unique Journey … so, are you ready to go?

Get #dutchified - what does it mean?

Getting dutchified is when you complete a full experience or service. Our stamp of approval!

But getting #dutchified is so much more than that! Because it starts with You wanting to explore all the information about the Netherlands from the best sources & enjoying the content. You want to best prepare and dutchify is here to give you just that. When you start to feel excited about the possibility of traveling or living in the Netherlands you contact the dutchify team for more help to guide you on your journey. And finally being convinced that dutchify is the way to go to manage your dutch adventure with you. So what will you feel when you get dutchified:

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Why choose dutchify services?

So you’ve followed dutchify and watched our content. And now you feel convinced you wanna travel or move to the Netherlands! Great! If you wanna complete your move or relocation fast & professional you should consider dutchify services for your dutch adventure. Why?  ⬇️ 

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To succeed during your relocation to the Netherlands


To win your move with 24/7 bot technology and an innovative platform

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What do we have in store for you when you engage with dutchify for professional relocation services or unique dutch experiences. Browse through the whole selection to the right and make your pick ➡️

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Or, Get preparared first

Not ready to commit to our professional services just yet. Well, why don't you get ready for your Dutch Adventure ahead of time with our Online Course. Join Nick's course to get you fully prepared. This course is ideal for:

Join hundreds of happy #dutchified people

People who want to be prepared

For the exciting journey to the Netherlands



I took the online program because I was planning to move to the Netherlands next year. The course is amazing and now I think i'll move to Amsterdam next month. So exciting!!


I got all the info I needed through the online program of Dutchify. Great preparation tool and Nick really knows how to share his knowledge.


Expat Family



This was a perfect introduction to dutchify and what they can do to help. I was unsure if this service is something for me so the online program is a great first step. I learned a lot!

Relocation agent Amsterdam Colin

Streamline your companies relocation project

Hi there, my name is Colin and I’m the commercial director of dutchify. Do you want to get your companies staff dutchified? If so than you are on the right path to give your staff the best relocation journey for the Netherlands that is offered on the market today. With dutchify corporate services you not only offer your staff a unique dutch experience or relocation. You also outsource the whole HR management of the relocation project to a local expert. Making your companies expension plans succesfull from day one. Go to the Corporate Services page and fill in your company details and I will send you a full company scan for free! 

Featured In:
Dutchify corporate services is the ideal solution for my companies HQ relocation to the Netherlands. We don't need an Expat Desk and we don't need a local expert because Colin arranged it all with an innovative service offer. Highly recommend this to any modern business

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