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Housing Service by Dutchify lets you easily secure a house that you feel at home in

Experience a completely new way of help that lets you to beat the Dutch Housing Market!  With the House Hunting service of Dutchify, you can secure the best home in the Netherlands. With off the market listings and insider deals to make you feel like a VIP!

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Are you not finding a place to call home because of a bad housing market?

Housing service by Dutchify® is the best solution if you are experiencing difficulties finding a house or if you are not getting help by your employer. And if you are reading this you might have started looking for more info on your move to the Netherlands. Or are you now staying in a hotel or sleeping on a friend’s couch? In any case, finding a house in the Netherlands is a struggle.  And if you are already trying to schedule viewings, you are now experiencing how difficult finding an apartment in the Netherlands can be… You are feeling overwhelmed by all the “time” you need to find a new home in the Netherlands. Getting a constant no! with realtors you call for a viewing. Let’s face it, this home search you are doing is giving you a lot of stress and anxiety. Because you are starting your new job soon, and you don’t have a house yet. And you are now feeling that this home search could affect your performance at your new job. Because right now you’re stuck in a place that you cannot call your home!
You expected more help from your employer. Help to move to a great house & start your new life in the Netherlands. The great life was promised to you at the beginning, and I get that feeling!
You won’t feel at home in a new country until you found a home to stay in. But you also want to focus on work and start making friends. And work is catching up with you, leaving you with almost no time to enjoy life. Let’s face it, if you don’t start feeling at home soon, you might get the feeling to move back home.. But you just started a new job, so that’s not an option! My name is Nick and I understand the stress and anxiety you feel in finding a house. Because I’ve been an expat myself for many years. I know how poor help from your new employer can affect your life in a new country. And the start of your new life is the most important step!  I’ve helped hundreds of movers like you find the perfect home. And my team will help to make your home search a personal journey to enjoy! Together, we can complete your Netherlands Housing Service, into the house you’ve always wanted!

Can't wait to meet you in our free housing service call! - Nick

Your House Hunting service includes

Beat the Dutch Housing Market

With the Biggest Partner Network we offer you off the market listings and insider deals. We help you beat the competition & the overheated housing market.

Get your own personal assistant

Your personal assistant can visit viewings for you, whilst you are still abroad. And will help you complete every step of the House Hunt. Reachable 24/7 via Whatsapp

Don't settle for just any house

Our 300 + partner network makes sure we can offer everything, both on and off the market! Choosing our House Hunting service ensures you get a proper home!

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The Get Dutchified Plan

What you need to do to start a house hunt with dutchify
Expat Services

Schedule a free call

Schedule a free house hunting call with Nick. We use Zoom for the call with Nick. But you can also send us an email with some basic information.

Free proposal & price on email

During your call, Nick will discuss all your needs in detail & make a step-by-step plan to complete your house hunt. Afterward, we will give you a custom proposal & price by email.

House Hunt Service

Your whole House Hunt, managed by dutchify from A to Z. Giving you access to the best offers from our partners. But also gives you the ability to send dutchify to viewings on your behalf!

Free Aftercare

Free Aftercare for as long as it takes to keep you happy! Unlike our competitors, we keep helping you once you moved. Welcome to the dutchify family!

Moving to the Netherlands Podcast
Free podcast

If you want to get the best preparation on a move to the Netherlands, download my free podcast! - Nick

Housing service to prevent busy viewings
Source: Amsterdam Viewing

How not getting help can cost you all your savings and your future in the Netherlands!

Extreme long line of viewers for a rental apartment in Amsterdam. It's total madness!!

The Dutch Housing Market has been overheated for quite some time, and estimates say this will continue until 2030 at least. So this could be you, standing in line, competing with all those people! Realtors work during office hours (9 to 5) and not on weekends. And why would they, if realtors already get 30 to 40 interested people for every apartment!!

If you are not careful with your Relocation to the Netherlands you could run out of savings because you are staying in a temporary accommodation. And you can easily become a burden for your employer because you constantly have to take time off for viewings. Only to get rejected because there were 20 other people who also wanted the house. So you start feeling pressured by the competition, forcing you to make a decision quickly. And this is usually not the right decision.

Let’s face it, you might need a bit of help! And with Dutchify’s help this situation will never happen!!

Housing service for the Netherlands

Here's more you get from us to make sure you get a happy move!

Beat the Dutch Housing Market

And the competing tenants that want the same house as you. With the biggest partner network!

Full Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100 % happy with the help and service we give you your money back. No questions asked!

View properties abroad

By sending your dutchify assistant as your proxy. Giving you the option to complete your move faster!

View Off the Market Listings

And with insider deals we give you priority in securing the houses we viewed

Help Outside Office Hours

We don't work standard hours. Giving you the option to complete your house search outside of work!

Get some Dutchify Magic

We sometimes can complete a house hunt in just 14 days. And when we do, we call it Dutchify Magic! 

If you are still doubting to get Dutchified!

Here are some House Hunting FAQ's

If you’ve got all the time in the world, you could complete a house search by yourself. But did you know that our clients just spend an average of four hours a week on the house search once we start helping? And if you listened to our podcast you will know that most listings are outdated the second they get posted on the internet. So be prepared to spend a lot of time chasing the market. 

We also know from experience that most realtors and websites only offer you one spot to view a house. And it’s only during work hours, so you have to get time off from work. And saying no, can we please reschedule is not an option. They are simply fully booked! We save you a lot of the time it takes to get a house. And we also save you money if we work with you. 

Great question. It’s true that we are not a realtor and yes, there are many realtors in every city. But realtors are limited to their own house listings, so you get limited choices. And realtors ultimately work for the landlord! So who will protect your needs and wishes? Dutchify is independent, unbiased and dedicated to you.  And honestly, do you have all that free time during your work hours? And what about all the documents you need to sign? 

With Dutchify you not only get help searching and securing houses. You get the biggest partner network available. So you get more & better listings. But we also have a legal team to scan all your documents for errors. We protect you against scams, overpaying and a lot more. So we give a lot more back compared to a realtor or website! 

Sure you can first try to schedule some viewings by yourself and see how that goes. But there is a lot more to our help than just the home search. One important part is that we help to build the best version of your personal profile. So if you first contact realtors (most are in our partner network) by yourself they get an image from you. It takes a lot more work to change that image if you only come to us as a last resort. But we will still be happy to help you! 

And please remember that things in life can change quickly. So having someone with expert knowledge on your side can be a huge benefit. We check all the document you are going to sign for example. And we do the negotiations with the realtor to get what you want. Trying by yourself can make you sign a contract that will hurt you later in the tenancy. And who wants that when it can be avoided, right? 

Here at dutchify, we love to work with packaged deals. Giving you an all-inclusive price so you don’t have to worry about costs. And for a House Hunting assignment we can charge a flat fee, which will cover all the work we do. And this includes all the work your personal assistant will do for you too! 

The fee depends on the assignment, and we have a pricing page where you can get an idea of the prices you pay for dutchify services. You can expect to pay close to one month rent (including tax) for the House Hunt. And this is similar with competitors. And you don’t have to pay agency fees for the realtor, if that got you worried. And we also protect you from other costs and unnecessary high deposits!

Yes, we do guarantee results! Because we have one of the biggest partner networks in the Netherlands! Giving you better listings, more to choose from, and priority. We even helped some clients with off-the-market listings. This makes us confident to guarantee results. And we also have a money-back guarantee if you are not 100 % happy!

Yes you can do that. We can complete a service in just 14 days. But we can allow you to view whilst you are still abroad too. And we always say that you get better results if we get more time to complete your assignment. So we recommend you book our service one to two months before you actually move to the Netherlands. 

And if you first want to meet us in person, we only use Zoom for our calls. So you always get the meet the dutchify staff face to face. The housing market doesn’t wait for you, so every minute that you wait to start searching could push your move-in date back by a lot!  

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +31(85) 303-4044

relocation service pricing

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