Dutchify was founded in 2016 by expats who have dedicated the services to help other expats. We offer a custom service to everyone who wants our help, no matter what budget you have or how you want to plan your move. 

Your personal moving platform for the best life in the Netherlands

Get the best moving service

Moving to the Netherland will confront you with so many choices to help you with your move. Realtors, relocation providers, moving companies (or even a dog walker) and many more. With our innovative platform dutchify not only offers all the services you can imagine, but we also offer you freedom of choice who will help you. And to make things even better, our platform allows your HR manager to join in and allow you both to track your move in real-time.

We make a plan that fits your moving needs that includes all the standards of a corporate relocation whilst offering you a better service and more choice

You or your HR chooses the services applicable to your move. You also select for a VA or PA service depending on your needs.


Step 1 - Your personal choice

Your assistant will be ready to drive you anywhere & pick you up on the day of check-in with keys in hand

If you can't make an appointment or you are still abroad your assistant will go to appointments for you, ensuring fast results

Any problem or bump in the road can be handled by your assistant at a moment's notice. You will have direct contact 24/7 to ensure results. 

Airport pick-up & neighbourhood tour

Viewing whilst you are still abroad

Instant help and support

 Dedicated Housing search
 Career service for spouse
 Delivery within 14 days
 Unlimited Time
 Unlimited Options
 Instant contact assistant
 Aftercare & Events
 And much more...

PA service

Personal assistant


You get the same quality service for a reduced price. And a support team to help you with every step 

More options & priority on all options available on your profile submitted by dutchify and partners

Our legal team prevents you from signing contracts that do not fit your moving plan and we support your viewing process and decision making

Service quality insurance

Priority of your profile

Legal & negotiations

Assisted Housing search Career services
Fast delivery
Unlimited Time
Limited Options
Contact Service Team
And more...

VA Service

Virtual assistant


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We offer excellent services for your employer. Are you an employer? Find out more > 


Immigration support and visa application to complete your move with dedicated immigration law partners. Next to this, we offer services to make your life complete.


Designed for your spouse to easily start work in the Netherlands. With dedicated training and coaching to make the next application excellent and ace the job interview.


More housing options with the best preferred partners in the Netherlands. We offer 20 to 30 % more housing options than any other provider.


Your platform profile

Your personal relocation

Step 2 - Your moving profile

Your personal assistant (PA) or one of the Dutchify agents builds your online profile with documents needed to complete your move. This also helps dutchify negotiate the best deal possible for you.

Step 3 - Your personal move

You will find your custom discovery report on your platform profile that gives personalized information for all the services you selected. Including a custom neighbourhood report from your PA or VA



Airport pickup

Viewing remotely


Step 1 - Your personal contact

We make sure the quality of the services you picked is to the Dutchify standard. Both with PA and VA

You can choose Virtual Assistant (VA) or Personal Assistant (PA) depending on if you are already in the Netherlands and how much work you want to do yourself. Whatever you choose, dutchify will make sure you have one point of contact!

Step 2 - Your selected services

Your assistant (VA or PA) will engage with the service partners to ensure the result you want. All the work will be uploaded to your profile to allow you to track progress in real-time. Your assistant will take care of the final negotiations and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 3 - Aftercare & support

Legal support

Dutchify will keep supporting you when you moved. From easy questions to booking appointments, you can ask us anything. We even join the check-out to make sure your deposit payment is safe!

Get Dutchified

Your social life

Live like a local




We keep supporting you when you moved to the Netherlands. We host social events and provide networking opportunities so you and your spouse will feel at home throughout your stay

Step 1 - The best social events

You will receive events and workshops by your VA or PA that are linked to your interests on a monthly basis. You will always find someone from Dutchify at these events.

Step 2 - Network opportunities

Dutchify and our preferred partners will invite you to network events and social activities in your neighborhood to expand your network and get new opportunities.

Step 3 - Your personal deals

Your assistant will also offer you exciting deals through our partnerships like event tickets and restaurant deals.

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Booking a personal assistant for your move to the Netherlands allows personal help with every step of your move. Your assistant will accompany you or perform services for you whilst you are busy preparing for your move.

Booking a virtual assistant for your move to the Netherlands guarantees you all the quality services of dutchify and our preferred partners at a budget. Your VA will book your appointment, perform the selected services and assist your move.

What our platform helps you with: 

Just switch your choices off

Or ON whenever you need


Short stay

Remote Viewing


Rental contract

Your Personal Agent


Career in NL 


Assisted Check-in


Study Dutch


and much more ...