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Finding housing preparation for the Netherlands

What happens when you are being confronted with an overheated housing market, in almost all the major cities in the Netherlands? Well, if this is your first time moving to the Netherlands it can take a lot of time before you find a place that you can call home. Be prepared for weeks if not months of searching. And with people overbidding on rental and buying properties, the chances of you hearing a No! on your request are very likely.

With this product, we help you to be successful in the Dutch housing market. Find a House by Dutchify is the best way to prepare for a move to the Netherlands.  You can purchase this product when you are moving in six months’ time from now or a year from now. But you can also purchase this product if you are moving in a month from now. This product will help you if you are looking for a short-term or long-term solution. Both for renting and buying. Take advantage of the Biggest Partner Network of Housing Providers in the Netherlands. And become an expert in managing your own move!

With this product you get the following help:

– A personal moving plan that covers all the details for the city you are moving to
– This plan contains all the information you need to manage your own relocation
– Move to the Netherlands like an expert
– We make you a profile on our innovative platform
– Online sessions with the Dutchify team to understand your needs and prepare your move
– Five house listings from the partner network that you can view
–  With off the market properties and a virtual viewing of the five listings where possible

Get started today and buy your Find a House product. Once the purchase is successfully processed our Dutchify colleagues will contact you to set up your platform profile. And they will start helping you immediately. Find a House is the best product for the DIY mover!

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