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Complete Departure by Dutchify

Every relocation assignment comes to an end at some point.  And we are sorry to see you leave! But did you know that leaving also requires you to take a lot of steps? Picture yourself a day before you board the airplane, or your car, about to go back to your home country. And the last hurdle is contacting a lot of companies and signing a lot of papers. Things can get pretty hectic and stressful if you don’t know where to start. Examples include forgetting to do your final tax declaration and getting fined. Or forgetting to deregister. And what about canceling your garbage tax? We are sorry to say this, but the examples we just gave you can cause a lot of problems if left unattended. And that’s why we offer Complete Departure for the Netherlands!

With Complete Departure by Dutchify, we help you close all your accounts and make final appointments before you leave. And we also make a schedule that fits your busy schedule. Complete Departure by Dutchify is the best way to be sure you can leave the Netherlands without any worries.  It’s best to purchase this product if you are moving away a month from now. And before you have signed major documents. If this is not the case, we have other products or services you can purchase in our store. Take advantage of the Biggest Partner Network of Housing Providers in the Netherlands and make your departure easy.

With this departure product you get the following help:

– Advice report on your situation
– This plan contains a step by step plan to act & sign and legal advice
– Your own profile on our innovative platform
– So that our team can help you create a schedule for those final steps
– Online sessions with the Dutchify team to help you
– We plan everything and we also take most work out of your hands
– Timely updates on all the progress and steps of your departure

Get started today and buy your Complete Departure product. Once your purchase is successfully processed our Dutchify colleagues will contact you to set up your platform profile. And they will start helping you immediately. Legal protection is the best product for the DIY mover!

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