Premium Relocation

Premium Relocation

2,400.00 1,950.00

Premium relocation

  • Planning & Viewing
  • Unlimited viewing rounds
  • Negotiations
  • Legal assistance
  • Guided offer to the realtor
  • Check-in/out with your agent
  • Translation services
  • Direct Whatsapp contact

Dutchify Premium will cost you 1850 euro (excluding VAT) on a one-time payment. Your order will carry a money back guarantee upon request.

Do you feel like this is too much for you? Please check out our Dutchify Basic subscriptions.


Complete the look

Tired of endlessly searching for accommodation? Or the endless waiting lists for the apartment that you found? Did you just started a job and want to focus on the job at hand, instead of worrying about the legal aspects of renting a house? Or you are simply looking for that one-stop shop to sort out all your relocation needs.

Dutchify has you covered. We know the struggles of starting your life abroad. Especially when it comes to accommodation and city rules & regulations. With our premium packages, help and service are unlimited and just one phone call away, every day of every week and throughout your life in the Netherlands.

Dutchify Premium includes;

  • Planning & Viewing by your personal senior agent, so you don’t miss on any opportunities
  • Unlimited viewing rounds containing a selection of apartments that match your needs*
  • Negotiations with our partner agency, making sure you get your demands
  • Legal assistance by a dedicated paralegal to ensure safe signing
  • Guided offer to realtor which your agent will draft, together with your file
  • Check-in/out with your agent to protect your deposit payment
  • Translation services for important letters and other communication
  • Direct Whatsapp contact with your personal agent so you can ask questions directly

Dutchify Premium will cost you 1950 euro (excluding VAT) on a one-time payment. Your order will carry a money back guarantee upon request.