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Settle in the Netherlands

You found a house! Congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare the check-in and get your house keys. With this settle service, we help you tick all the boxes that you need before moving in. This can include setting up utilities; obtaining your Dutch driver’s license and leasing or purchasing a vehicle; finding insurance solutions; and guiding you through the registration processes with local governments, tax authorities, and Dutch health services

With this settle service, we help you start your life in the Netherlands. Get Settled in by Dutchify is the best way to complete your move to the Netherlands.  It’s best to purchase this product if you are moving in a month from now. And after you have signed a rental agreement. If this is not the case, we have other products or services you can purchase in our store. Take advantage of the Biggest Partner Network of Housing Providers in the Netherlands and avoid the stress of the move.

With this product you get the following help:

– Advice report on the insurances you need and the appointments that you are required to schedule
– This plan contains all the information you need to complete your move
– Your own profile on our innovative platform
– So that our team can schedule appointments for you and finish your move
– Online sessions with the Dutchify team to understand your needs work with you
– Advisory call with the Dutchify team to connect you to the right services and insurances
– Timely updates on all the progress and steps of your move

Get started today and buy your Get Settled product. Once the purchase is successfully processed our Dutchify colleagues will contact you to set up your platform profile. And they will start helping you immediately. Get Settled is the best product for the DIY mover!

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