relocation service pricing

Relocation Service Pricing

Something you should know about our relocation service pricing

Dutchify works with estimated prices (starting from). We do this because we send a tailor-made proposal for every assignment. That pretty much means that we can give you a quote that matches the price you want to pay for relocation services. We do this because it’s our mission is to give everyone the best life in the Netherlands. And that’s why we like to make you an offer that fits your plan & budget. We work in a unique way because we continue to help you throughout your life in the Netherlands. That makes it hard to compare a proposal from dutchify to our competitors. But don’t worry, we know what our competitors charge, and we always try to match our prices to the market. Giving you better services for the same price. 

Below we list the relocation service pricing estimates for the different service options you can book. We offer all-inclusive relocation assignments to people that want personal help from a Dutchify agent from A to Z. But you can also book separate services like Housing Service or Immigration Service. We also offer coaching products through our web shop if you want little bit of professional assistance whilst you do the relocation yourself (DIY). We also work for corporations for which we do a mix of consultancy and services. Dutchify corporate services are available for people that want to start a company in the Netherlands. And dutchify corporate services are also available for corporations who want to book a dutchify consultant to assist in setting up a dutch office, process improvement for HR for expat newcomers, and assisting new arrivals with our innovative services. 

Want to get a happy life in the Netherlands like these guys over here? Well than it’s time to get Dutchified! 

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Our Relocation Service Pricing overview

This range of prices is what you can expect to pay if you book dutchify services.

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Webshop DIY products € 399,-

Want to book dutchify for a bit of help? Or do you want us to prepare your relocation, for you to complete the journey yourself?  Our webshop has it all, and gives you an easy way to start moving!

Dutchify services from € 1499 to € 4999

With services like House Hunting, a guided visa application service, and more. Giving you personal assistance to complete your journey to the Netherlands in the best way possible.

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Relocation service pricing 1

Corporate services starting from € 4499,-

Consultancy and service for business owners and corporations. Giving you a better hiring process and happier employees! Wanna dutchify your company? 

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relocation service pricing

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