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“How to get the Best Help for your Relocation to the Netherlands…..”

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Don’t let complex, ever-changing Dutch rules and regulations or an overheated housing market hold you back from living your dream life in the Netherlands….

There’s no need to spend the next two to three months struggling to find housing or dealing with the frustration of working out what you need and where to find it…

That’s because our FREE Relocation Call Checklist will help you prepare for the call you will have with Colin and help you discuss all your relocation plans…for FREE!

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Are you struggling to figure out how to successfully relocate to the Netherlands?

When you download my Free Relocation Call Checklist, you’ll get instant access to up-to-date advice, so you can save time, effort, and stress.

Your dream home

Finding a home is tough. Especially with the shortage of homes. But with 24/7 * 7 AI-powered search technology and three convenient packages you can win!

Arrange your VISA

Immigration laws are extremely complex in the Netherlands. There's so much information out there, it's hard to know what to trust.

Get quality healthcare

The Dutch healthcare system is unique and can be confusing for some people, especially if you're coming from outside the European Union.

Get settled in

Tick all the boxes of your settling in process by letting dutchify make things easy for you. From registering to a GP to getting insurance and more.

Integrate more easily

Your life in the Netherlands relies on your being able to integrate and settle down. But that's not always easy if you are new to the country and culture.

Manage your finances

It's easy to underestimate living costs in the Netherlands. But it's vital to have a clear idea of this BEFORE you move, so you don't get any nasty surprises.


My Happy Clients!

Our main agent was Colin, and I could never dream of a better person to assist our relocation. We managed to close the process of finding the apartment and getting the offer as new tenants within 5 working days!
Ceo & Founder Initech

Hoi, my name is Colin….

…And I’m managing partner at Dutchify. My journey with Dutchify is marked by a steadfast dedication to helping individuals like you turn their dreams of relocating to the Netherlands into a seamless reality.

Having made my way through the complex world of relocation, I am no stranger to the difficulties. This is a journey that calls for more than simply planning; it calls for a customized approach, empathy, and a thorough comprehension of what functions well and—above all—what doesn’t.

I chose to work at Dutchify because I believe that everyone’s dream of relocating to the Netherlands should be more than a vision; it should be an attainable reality. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know the hurdles that can surface when undertaking such a big life change alone.

Without expert guidance, moving to the Netherlands may be an overwhelming task that can result in months of fruitless searching, financial pitfalls, and logistical chaos.  At Dutchify, we’re here to offer more than just relocation services; we provide a pathway to realizing your dream. Let us handle the relocation process, so you can focus on enjoying your new life in the Netherlands. Reach out, and let’s go on this journey together. Your dream, our expertise – the perfect match for a successful relocation.

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