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Why a relocation to the Netherlands doesn't have to feel stressful & consume a lot of your time...

If you are reading this whilst you are looking for someone to help you move. This is for you! Hi, my name is Nick and I’m the founder of dutchify. And in this About Dutchify page, I want to tell you that I’ve been in the same situation you are now in. I was an expat when I started working. Living in cities like Seoul and Washington. And I felt great about accepting a job abroad. I really did! But my employers treated the on-boarding like it was easy for me to complete the relocation by myself. So if you are in the same situation as I was, you want to reach out to dutchify & schedule a free consultation. Together we can find out how we can make your move to the Netherlands enjoyable.

If you have read our website, you know that the biggest problem during a relocation is housing. The current developments in the housing market are crazy! And if you are not careful a move to the Netherlands can waste a lot of time & money. What worries me is that a lot of people I speak to in our consultation all get the same on-boarding. They get an A4 paper with some information and a lump sum to pay for the relocation. This doesn’t really help and I say this from my experience. Because the availability on the market just doesn’t connect with this on-boarding process.

I started dutchify in 2016 with the mission to give everybody the best life in the Netherlands. And back then the first thing we noticed was how difficult it was for expats to find housing and make friends. And yeah I also tried to complete my own move-in Seoul and Washington. Sometimes with the help of friends. But after trying for a few weeks, I felt exhausted & stressed! Wishing there was a company like dutchify. So that became my inspiration to start dutchify. A company where everybody gets the same treatment. No matter what your background is. Or where you are from. And we now have 300 + partners in our network who feel the same. So I’m confident we can give you personal guidance and make your relocation feel exciting and valuable!

See that team on the left? That’s the dutchify team! And together we help you get more enjoyment out of your relocation. And we do things a lot differently. How different? Well for example we don’t have one or two realtors to help our clients find accommodation. We have 300 + partners in our network who help us! We can also work with people individually, not just with companies. You also get a personal assistant during your move. We do a lot more different from our competitors, so if you want to find out more, book a free consultation! Or download our free podcast in which Nick talks all about relocation to the Netherlands.

I hope to meet you soon in our consultation call - Nick

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relocation service pricing

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