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Free and non-binding, with roughly 30 minutes or less of your time, is the core of what dutchify starts with for your move or relocation journey. YOUR MOVE! Your choices on this page will either get you talking to Nick or Colin. We’re Fully Focused on Your Unique Journey … so, are you ready to talk to us?

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Booking a free call on this page will block 30 minutes of time on the agenda of Colin or Nick to talk to you. During this call, which we use a video meeting for, we get to know you better and explore your story of why you want to move to the Netherlands and how. The call is non-binding, so it requires no commitment from your side. And if you don’t want to use the services we offer you, that’s fine. All we ask is that you show up if you book a meeting. Or simply cancel the call before it happens. 

Colin and Nick will spend quite a bit of time preparing for the call they will have with you. And below, you can find topics that we can and can’t talk about:

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Nick de Bruijn - Founder

Nick built dutchify from the ground up since 2016 and he’s been an expat himself. Book a call with Nick if you want a general introduction to dutchify, if you are an entrepreneur or if you want to know all about his masterclass. 

Colin - Commercial Director

Colin started two years ago and quickly rose to join the board of directors. Colin specializes in professional (paid) services for people and corporate solutions for companies. 

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Yes we can and we have a lot of possibilities to help for free. But the majority of the calls that we offer on this page are dedicated to professional services that are paid by you or your employer. For more details on our free possibilities, book a basic information call or go to our Get Dutchified page.

No, we are sorry but we do not join any tenders at the moment. Dutchify service offers are unique and connect well with the modern day need of international staff. Joining a tender would require us to change our services and we do not want to jeopardize our quality. We also currently have multi-year corporate assignments, so whilst we are ready for more, dutchify also has enough business to avoid tenders. Feel free to schedule a call and get a separate quotation to get your staff dutchified! We are sure we can match most tenders and offer a lot more quality in return. 

Well you first get an invite on email. This happens directly after you book a meeting. Our colleague will also get an email and will start preparing for the call with you. Relocation or moving to the Netherlands isn’t easy so we need a bit of time to listen to your story and see how we can help. We listen and suggest how we can help during the call. And our help can be free, or paid, depending on your story and your needs. 

The call is non binding and takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Towards the end of the call we ask if you are interested in the services we mentioned during the call. We also ask your permission to send you a custom offer tailored to your needs after the call. This offer is free and commits you to nothing if you don’t sign and accept this offer. The meeting usually happens one day after you booked a call with us. Want faster help? There are several ways to contact us instead of booking a meeting. 

That’s no problem. But our colleague is busy preparing for the meeting once you book a call. So would you be so kind as to cancel the meeting if you feel like you won’t attend? Thank you so much! 

You need a computer, a camera or a microphone. A stable internet connection and a maximum of 30 minutes of your time. During the call we spend quite some time getting to know you. And we do this in an online meeting with video. So if you can, turn your camera on during the meeting so we can speak face to face. 

That depends on the call you book. If you book a specific call for a service we can be honest and tell you now that you won’t get anything useful out of this call. But we always try to give some free advise and hints during all our calls so who knows! 

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Kristen Moore

Fashion Model

I took the online program because I was planning to move to the Netherlands next year. The course is amazing and now I think i'll move to Amsterdam next month. So exciting!!


I got all the info I needed through the online program of Dutchify. Great preparation tool and Nick really knows how to share his knowledge.

Joanna Foxx

Fashion Model

Felicity Trump

Fashion Model

This was a perfect introduction to dutchify and what they can do to help. I was unsure if this service is something for me so the online program is a great first step. I learned a lot!

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