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Relocation services for people who want a little bit of help or a lot of help from a professional. But also moving services if you are already in the Netherlands and are looking for a better way to complete your move. Get #dutchified today!

Get #dutchified - What's It All About?

Dutchify isn't just about moving; it's about embracing a new chapter in the Netherlands. With our premium services, we ensure that your transition is not just about changing locations but truly immersing yourself in the Dutch way of life.

We take pride in the countless individuals and families we’ve assisted, transforming their relocation journey into a joyful experience. Here, getting #dutchified isn’t just a process; it’s a promise of feeling more at home, content, and delighted!

From the moment you decide to move to the rich history and vibrant culture of the Netherlands, Dutchify is here to guide, support, and provide expertise. Our commitment goes beyond services; it’s about ensuring that you thrive and flourish in your new home. 

Here’s what you can expect if you order dutchify services:

Paid help to move or relocate

Go to the Netherlands

With dutchify services to help you succeed

Paid services

Dutchify services ensure that you get the best help with your move or relocation to the Netherlands. Every service featured here has a dedicated team of professionals behind it, working hard every day to ensure that you get the best moving or relocation experience when you go to the Netherlands.

Have a look at all the services we offer and click on any service you like to start exploring more. Or schedule a free consultation call to talk in detail about your pending move or relocation to the Netherlands! 


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Here's questions we get a lot from visitors

No we can’t unfortunately. Unless you apply for a dutchify job listed on our website. Dutchify only offers services for people that already have a reason to move or relocate to the Netherlands. 

Dutchify offers most of our services in a tailor package made especially for you. Most of our services start from € 499 euro and we usually combine several services in one package to best support your move within or relocation to the Netherlands. Some services take a lot more work and effort from the team than other services, but you can use the € 499 cost indication as a ball park number to calculate what you would end up paying dutchify if you take our services

Great question! The final price you see on the free quotation we send to you is based on the amount of help you say you need. If you want dutchify to have everything ready for you, including a house, when you arrive in the Netherlands our final quote is going to be higher. And our final quote is going to be a lot lower if you also do things yourself.

To get an accurate price estimate we encourage you to schedule a free consultation call. Our sales team will explain your options and ask you how much help you expect from dutchify and send you a free non-binding quotation afterwards. 

No we also post and share a lot of useful information and content through our social channels. So if you are moving on a budget or want to do everything yourself dutchify can also assist you for free. Be sure to follow and like or socials and join our client group on Facebook to benefit from all the content and information we share.

Sure! We host regular live events through our social media and we also host a live meet & greet once every two months in the dutchify office. Completely free, drinks & snacks included. Be sure to like and follow our event page for when the next event is scheduled and you can meet the dutchify team face to face.

Sure! The best way to see our results before you take paid dutchify services is to join our Facebook group. We use this group to post viewing videos for clients, for example. So if you first want to see what we do for clients be sure to follow us on social media and join our client group!

Dutchify offers our services in tears, depending on the level of help you need from dutchify. We have packages for people that are already in the Netherlands & we also offer packages for people that are still abroad. Professional services is the best we have to offer and we usually offer this to people who relocate for a corporate job. If you are unsure which service best fits your move or relocation you can easily schedule a free consultation call to find out more details!

Master Your Move with Nick de Bruijn's Course

Not ready for our paid services? Learn all about relocating to the Netherlands. The perfect do-it-yourself option for your move or relocation! Opt-in now to get the first 45 minutes of valuable tips and tricks for free! A special course offer is inside, so subscribe today!

Why choose dutchify professional services?

Dutchify professional services is the final step in our offer and the most premium option. Designed for people seeking comprehensive relocation assistance. With possibilities for full remote viewings and other steps.

Picture a Complete Relocation or Move, Hassle-Free. With daily personal assistance from a professional team of relocators. Dedicated to giving you a wonderful dutch life. And our team is full of people with an international background who know what it’s like to relocate or move to a new country with deep knowledge and connection for the journey you are about to embark on. 

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Streamline your companies relocation project

Hi there, my name is Colin and I’m the commercial director of dutchify. Do you want to get your companies staff dutchified? If so than you are on the right path to give your staff the best relocation journey for the Netherlands that is offered on the market today. With dutchify corporate services you not only offer your staff a unique dutch experience or relocation. You also outsource the whole HR management of the relocation project to a local expert. Making your companies expension plans succesfull from day one. Go to the Corporate Services page and fill in your company details and I will send you a full company scan for free! 

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Dutchify transformed our relocation journey. For impeccable preparation, asking Dutchify is the secret. Their expertise ensures a seamless, enjoyable move to the Netherlands.
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Serge - PUBG

Relocation service

I'm very happy with Dutchify service. Dutchify helped me to relocate from UK to the Netherlands without any problems in this desperate COVID-19 time. It's really worth using their service if you're coming to the Netherlands from another country, it will help you to avoid staying in the hotel, looking for an agency that going to agree to let property to foreigners and speed up gathering necessary documents pack. For the best result be mindful and start your moving earlier than later


Dutchify just completed my relocation to the Netherlands and I couldn't have done it without them. My family needed help with finding a school for our children and we needed to find a place to call home. The team went above & beyond to get us the best options for housing & schooling. And I'm surprised they handled everything so well during the lockdown situation. I would recommend working with Dutchify and felt that their customer service and communication was professional and welcoming.


Relocation from USA


Relocation from the UK

I moved to Rotterdam three weeks ago with the lovely help of Marit. I was unable to get accepted into an apartment due to my pets. After a long search on my own I decided to look for professional help. I got in touch with Dutchify through Google and they managed to help me find a lovely place within 3 weeks. I was aware of the added difficulty of having 2 cats and a dog but they dealt with that in a professional way and managed to find something for me.

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