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Dutchify updates for Q1 2022


Hey you future mover, if you are reading this then you must be curious what dutchify is all about, right? Maybe you visited our website and noticed a couple of links not working? Or maybe you visited our website in 2021 and you just visited the site again. Looks quite a bit different right? In this article, we get you up to speed with everything that we are doing (behind the scenes) in Q1 of 2022. So enjoy the article and your visit on the dutchify website.

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What our online environment looks like

Website updates

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Our webmaster is currently updating our website to the official 2022 website. This will take some time, but most pages should already be functional. We want to give all our visitors a better user experience and a better overview of our services. And we worked our ass off in 2021 to complete our new website. , so our webmaster has to work on our website whilst most of the pages are live. So we apologize if you have any difficulties in reaching certain pages of our website.
We expect the full website to be live by April 2022 and we will make sure to keep everything online in the meantime. If you have trouble finding the information you need, you can always contact us directly.

Assignment updates

The year 2022 started really positive for dutchify, with two new corporate assignments!! One assignment is with PlayerUnkown Productions and one with another big Amsterdam company. Dutchify does the House Hunting services & Settle-in services for their new arrivals. A much-needed service in most Dutch cities, but especially in Amsterdam. It’s getting busier on the housing market right now. Despite COVID still being around. So we are bringing our A-game with our team of personal agents. To make sure every new arrival gets the treatment and help they deserve!
But we don’t just help corporate clients. Dutchify specializes in helping every person get the most out of their relocation to the Netherlands. So if you are considering a relocation to the Netherlands and you want to get a better move. One that saves you money and a lot of time … click here to book your free consultation
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With services for all major cities
And that’s it for the update for now. We will post new updates throughout the year on everything going on at dutchify. So be sure to follow our socials or check-in to our website from time to time for more updates on dutchify.

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