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Dutchify Wins Frontrunner Award

How it feels to win a global award for your service quality & innovative business process


Do you know that feeling when you enter a competition, and you are anxiously waiting for the final result. Well, the result is in, and we did it!!! Dutchify has won the 2021 Frontrunner award for business process outsourcing at the Go Global awards!! We were surprised to win an award because we only entered the competition for the first time and there were about 6500 companies who entered the competition. In the rest of the article, we will tell you why this is such a big deal for us. Enjoy!

The Award from the GoGlobal Award ceremony
What is the Go Global award ceremony all about?

The GoGlobal awards is an award ceremony organized by the International Trade Council (ITC). The ITC is focused on an international trade journey and the organization has been around since 1956. Since the ITC started the Council has been engaging business leaders across 179 countries, offering unparalleled access to industry-specific trade data, business introductions, networking opportunities, education, insights, and government advocacy.

Judges were looking for unique and enterprising business processes that improved service efficiency and quality; and like we stated after Dutchify’s nomination for this award, providing excellent services to clients is one of Dutchify’s top priorities. The special award which falls under the Business Outsourcing Process category was presented on the 15th October 2021. And we were the proud recipients of the award.

Nick, Dutchify’s CEO said: “Winning the Go Global Awards as a frontrunner already means so much to the Dutchify team. It’s been a tough two years due to COVId. But we have always focused on improving the customer journey at Dutchify. So I’m super proud that we get awarded for that effort. Winning this award gives Dutchify access to unique international platforms through the extensive International Trade Council’s network, and more opportunities to expand the business. It also improves Dutchify’s reputation as a client-focused company that provides quality services.

Our top-quality service and how you can use it
What does winning the Go Global award have to do with me?

Well if you are interested in the Dutchify services as a company, this award will give you and your colleagues reassurance that we comply with all the industry standards. And to make things even better, you will be working with an award-winning service company. And if you are considering hiring Dutchify yourself as an expat, you now know how seriously we take your assignment. Dutchify provides full-service relocations to the Netherlands, and we have an innovative platform that covers every aspect of the relocation process. Our services are focused on: Business, Home, Tax, Visa, and Life and we stay true to our mission: Giving everyone the best life in the Netherlands. And we do this by providing a person-focused relocation service to every client that steps through our door. About our services, one of our esteemed clients, Serge, wrote;

I’m very happy with Dutchify service. Dutchify helped me to relocate from the UK to the Netherlands without any problems in this desperate COVID-19 time. It’s really worth using their service if you’re coming to the Netherlands from another country….  

This and other feedback we have gotten from our clients show how dedicated we are to providing quality services with our business processes. Dutchify is happy about winning the Service Excellence Award and we thank the Go Global Awards for the recognition. You too can join us in the celebrations wherever you are. 😉

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Evelyn – community manager at Dutchify and author of this article

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relocation service pricing

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