We Plan your Complete Relocation to the Netherlands so you can Settle Into your New Home Happy!

Relocation Services & DIY Coaching to make your relocation a personal journey to enjoy! Your personal assistant helps you avoid stress and feeling overwhelmed about moving.

Are you not getting the help you need to complete your relocation?

If you are stuck in a hotel or sleeping on a friend’s couch. Feeling overwhelmed by all the “steps” you need to take to find a new home in the Netherlands. Let’s face it, a relocation can give you a lot of stress and anxiety. So much so that it could affect your performance at your new job, because you need to manage your own move.

You expected more help from your employer. So that you can start your new life in the Netherlands that was promised to you, and I get it!

You don’t feel at home until you found a home to stay, so you can focus on work and start making friends. My name is Nick and I’ve been an expat for most of my life. I experienced the same journey you are now going through. And since 2016 I’ve helped hundreds of clients with Dutchify. I’ve helped complete their relocation in a personal way, saving them a lot of time and money.
Together, we can complete your move to the Netherlands, into the house you’ve always wanted.
Dutchify Founder

Can’t wait to meet you in our free consultation call!

–  Nick

Your relocation service includes

A to Z service management

Your personal assistant will make sure your service will run smoothly. Without any worry on your part, every step of the way!

You Get Priority Treatment

You’ll save a lot of time through insider deals that Dutchify worked out with the best partners in town. Beating the competition!

We keep helping Unlimited Time

We promise that we will keep working on your case until you are happy – so you can feel 100 % at home In your new home

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Years of Experience


Happy Clients


Services & DIY coaching

The Get Dutchified Plan

What you need to do to start working with us!

Free consultation

Schedule a free consultation or send us an email with some basic information.

Free proposal & quote

You will talk to an expert who will send you a free proposal and quotation for your move.

Relocation from A to Z

We’ll start to Complete your relocation journey matching your deadline and needs!

Don't settle for less

We are only done when you are happy in your new home & you’ll get year round aftercare to keep you happy!

Not getting help can cost you your future in the Netherlands!

This could be you, standing in line, competing with all those people! Not getting help for your relocation results in you spending a lot of money on a temporary stay. And taking a lot of time off from work, so you can visit viewings and attend appointments. You don’t want to outlive your savings put aside for the move right? And you also don’t want to be a burden for your new employer. When you just signed a new job!

But with the right help, this situation never has to happen. And Dutchify is here, to make sure that this never happens!

We’ll work together with you. To ensure you can take every opportunity to complete your relocation. And we make it into a personal journey for you to enjoy.
You’ll feel happy and relieved that you took the Get Dutchified Plan today. So book your free consultation now!
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If you book our services I promise you that this is something you will never experience!

–  Nick

What you get to beat the competition

Dutchify partner network

With 300 + partners You have a lot more choices to move to the perfect home (With off-market listings!)

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100 % happy with the help and service we give you. We give you your money back. No questions asked!

Unbiased advice

You will win because our help is not influenced by landlords and agencies. So we won’t push you!

Your personal assistant

Helps you complete the relocation assignment from start to finish as a friend

24 / 7 Mentality

You can also reach us outside business hours on Whatsapp!

Online platform

You can follow the progress of your relocation assignment in real time!

If you are still doubting to get Dutchified!

Here are some FAQ's

While DIY-ing is always an option, do you have the time to search the internet? And with that contacting a lot of agencies, run all over town, and hear a lot of No! The Dutch housing market is very overheated, so prepare for months of searching. And what about the risk of losing your possibilities halfway through your relocation? You’ll end up sleeping on a friend’s couch for a month or two. Trying to complete your move to the Netherlands.

Yeah, you can try to complete your move yourself. But you have to know that every agency (or municipality) only works 9 to 5 during workdays. No weekend service, not after work hours. So picture yourself in your new job asking for a lot of days off, or half days off! If you get time off to visit the appointments that are scattered all over your agenda during the week. One viewing is on Wednesday at 2 PM. Another one is on Friday at 9 AM. It’s stressful! And you have so much competition that getting rejected is something very common. You want to take a listing but there are 30 other people that also want the same listing. And your offer just doesn’t stand out. So you are forced to start from the beginning again.

You could wait until you arrive in the Netherlands. But we know from experience that it’s important to get ahead of the competition! And with our virtual services, we can be your proxy. Allowing you to complete major parts of the relocation when you are still abroad. Saving you a lot of time and money!

Yes, you’ll save a bit of money on the fees you pay to us. But our help saves you a lot of money spent on temporary accommodations or hotels. And all the time we save you? The time you don’t have to take off at your new job. And don’t forget our 300 + partners in our network. Who will treat you with priority and sometimes also give you off-the-market listings? You can’t do that by yourself!

Yes, we do guarantee results! Because we have one of the biggest partner networks in the Netherlands! Giving you better listings, more to choose from, and priority. We even helped some clients with off-the-market listings. This makes us confident to guarantee results. And we also have a money-back guarantee if you are not 100 % happy!

Great, we are super happy to help you get the best out of your relocation journey. We would first like to meet you, to learn about all your needs and requirements. Follow the Get Dutchified Plan and we will be ready to help you move!