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Dutchify: Giving you the keys to a wonderful life in the Netherlands!

Dutchify helps companies and individuals like you perfect the move or relocation! With tailored service packages, an online platform and innovative software we give you the tools you need to experience a completely new way of moving or relocating to the Netherland


What we offer you

The perfect dutchify services solution

For companies and individuals

dutchify services

24/7 House Hunting

Our innovative script runs 24/7 to find the best listings and plan viewings automatically. And with the best partner network dutchify is able to beat the market!


dutchify services

The Perfect application

Want to get the best chance to get a visa for the Netherlands? Take the guesswork out of your visa application with expert help from dutchify! 


dutchify services

Don't hire an expat desk

Planning to hire expats for your company? Or are you expanding abroad? Quality relocation solutions for your company without hiring an expat desk!


Career Nick

What getting no help costs you

Months of searching and trying with no success!

Hello, I’m Nick and I’m the founder of Dutchify. I’ve been working for Dutchify for more than ten years, during which time I’ve learnt what relocation and moving services are effective (and ineffective).

The truth is that without assistance, you will find it quite difficult to move or relocate to the Netherlands. Without assistance, moving could result in monthly short-term housing costs in the thousands of euros and an overwhelming amount of phone calls and emails to make in order to schedule appointments.

So if your employer is not giving you any of the services that dutchify offers – I advice you to book a free call to talk about your move!


Your benefits for choosing dutchify

Things you cannot get if you move by yourself

For companies and individuals

Beat the market with our innovative solution

With our powerful platform, we will plan your entire move or relocation from beginning to end. And a web script that scans the housing market 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Getting you moving as you sleep!

A personal assistant helping you with every step

Unlike our rivals, Dutchify provides you with a single personal assistant who works alongside you throughout the entire process. You can delegate your assistant to see viewings that you can't. ensuring that your relocation takes less time and money!

An All Inclusive Moving Experience

We always charge a set price for our services and have a can-do attitude. We won't give up until you have moved and are completely satisfied! And for as long as you stay in the Netherlands, our aftercare is free.

And our clients scored us a 4,2 out of 5 stars. Powered by Trustpilot   


Years of Experience


Happy Clients



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How to get dutchified

What you need to do to start working with us!
Expat Services

Free Exploration Call

On a Video Call with Nick or Colin. So schedule a free consultation or send us an email with some basic information.

Non Binding Proposal & Quote

After the call, we will send you a list of services to choose from. We will draft your proposal & quotation after we get this list back from you.

The All-Inclusive Moving Experience

After you approve our quote We’ll start to complete your Relocation Journey. And we will make sure to match your deadline and needs!

We keep supporting you

You'll get year round aftercare to keep you 100 % happy!

Benefits of using Dutchify

Dutchify offers a range of benefits, such as reducing relocation time and eliminating the need to make multiple trips to government or other administrative offices. It also eliminates the need to wait in line for permits or paperwork, and allows you to browse through listings and compare prices on rentable housing options in your new city. on Dutchify’s “Services” tab, you can access detailed information about the services available for your move or relocation – we take care of everything you can image and more…

Housing in Netherlands

Everything you get from us to make sure you get a happy move!

Beat the Dutch Housing Market

With 300 + Dutchify partners You get insider deals to move to the perfect home (With off-market listings!)

Full Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100 % happy with the help and service we give you your money back. No questions asked!

The Best Advice

We are not a realtor or a landlord. So our advice and help is unbiased and dedicated to make you happy!

Personal Help

Every service gives you a personal assistant. Your assistant will treat you like a VIP and not like a number!

Help Outside Office Hours

We don't just work standard hours & we can attend viewings on your behalf. You can reach us 24/7!

Get some Dutchify Magic

We sometimes can complete a relocation in just 14 days. And when we do, we call it Dutchify Magic! 

If you are still doubting to get Dutchified!

Here are some Relocation Netherlands FAQ's

Not really, no. Our costs are comparable to those of our rivals, but we provide much better service in return. We always provide a custom proposal for every assignment. This implies that we may tailor our assistance to fit your budget, making it accessible to everyone. Additionally, Dutchify now offers Self Service solutions to further reduce the cost. So for just 950 euros, you may start receiving the best assistance. That doesn’t sound too pricey, does it?


Great question!  At Dutchify, we believe in empowering you to make the best decision possible. And Nick, our founder, relocated a few times throughout his life as an expat. So, according to him, here is what makes us better:

  • Every client gets a personal agent
  • Our software script runs 24/7 to scan house listings
  • Our platform organized your whole move better
  • With the biggest partner network in NL you’ll get more choices and better results!

Yes, you can attempt to finish your move on your own. However, you must be aware that every agency (or municipality) only operates from 9 to 5 on weekdays. Realtors don’t work on the weekends or after hours. So imagine yourself in your new work requesting a lot of days off or partial days off! If your work grants you time off, you will be kept busy throughout the week attending the viewing appointments that are spread out over your schedule.  Compare this to the benefits Nick just explained in the previous question and you’ll see how first trying by yourself will make you fall behind. 

We do promise results, yes! as a result of the fact that we have one of the largest partner networks in the Netherlands! Additionally, all of the results on the market that meet your parameters will be listed thanks to the 24-hour-a-day operation of our software script. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate performance bottlenecks for you and offer you recommendations on how to modify your search for success.

Great, we are super happy to help you get the best out of your relocation journey. We would first like to meet you, to learn about all your needs and requirements. Follow the Get Dutchified Plan and we will be ready to help you move!


Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +31(85) 303-4044

Giving you the keys to a wonderful life in the Netherlands in all things relocation!

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