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Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to Dutchify B.V registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce under KVK 71255036 next to all subsidiaries affiliated with Dutchify.

Dutchify can be referred to as “we”, “us” or “our(s)” throughout this statement which all refers back to Dutchify B.V

Personal details we collect

We process personal details that are necessary for our services; most of these details are required by third parties to complete our service. Additional documents can be asked to help improve the service to the needs and quality demands by our clients or the specific assignments and or requirements from the client. You remain liable for the accuracy and completeness of the documents you provide. Any false information provided can affect the service experience and is explained in detail in our terms and conditions.

The (documents) personal details collected by Dutchify contain:

  • Name, Adress and postcode (NAW), email address and other contact details
  • Date of birth, gender
  • nationality, BSN number, identification, employer statement
  • Resume (CV), information regarding education, internships and work experience
  • Information regarding courses or programs followed by a candidate that can positively affect the service.
  • Information that is vital to be evaluated by Dutchify or third parties for acceptance on properties or job openings. This includes documents regarding the financial position of a client, work contract, salary slips, savings overview and other financial details vital to the service.

Highly personal and/or sensitive personal information 

Dutchify will only document sensitive personal information if this is needed to be documented by law, in which case we have had permission to gather this information, or if this is allowed by law in any other way. We refer to “Highly personal information” with information about race, ethnicity, religion, political preference, health, sex life, membership to cults, judicial personal details and or personal details on unlawful behavior.

Personal details from business relations

Personal details from business relations refer to B2B clients and relate to the following: contact details of employees of the client, contractors, sales, references and any other agency who we have a business relationship.

Dutchify processes these details of parties involved with the client as follows:

  • To offer and/or enrich the information about the service and other relevant activities for the client
  • To maintain a healthy business relationship
  • To complete an assignment and keep the assignment running
  • To convince third parties to engage in a relationship with the client

The details that we process for business relations (B2B) that we process are:

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Position of contact
  • Financial details
  • KVK uittreksel
  • Accountant statement
  • The financial end of year report

Dutchify can forward the personal details of business relations (B2B) if this is necessary to complete milestones of the assignment with the client or the assignment as a whole. The file of details can be shared with business relations, agencies, and subcontractors that act on behalf of Dutchify to deliver the assignments. The file can also be shared in cases where Dutchify will be obligated to share this, for example in the event of a court order or a passed sentence by a court of law. The client’s file can be forwarded outside the Netherlands. Dutchify has taken sufficient means to ensure that all shared personal data is protected according to GDPR regulations.

Processing goals/justifiable cause 

We gather and process your data to execute our housing, career and immigration services that include negotiations, contract signing, payroll, posting and staff management.

Your personal data can be processed to:

  • Send you offers and/or information regarding our services and special events. This with the purpose to keep you informed. We use your data to make the offers we sent to you relevant. This will be sent by our employees and will be partially automated.
  • Send you our newsletter if you consent to receive this through our website.
  • Evaluate your candidacy for any apartment/house in terms of financial capabilities and justifiable income.
  • Engage in a service agreement between you and/or a third party representative of you, process the necessary information and administrative work and ensure proper execution of the service agreement for you.
  • Engage in an assignment with a contractor and to perform services for the contractor throughout the assignment.
  • Perform pre-screening of the candidates for the opportunities in housing and career of our partners and other third parties.
  • To facilitate audits and data safety audits or accountant checks.
  • Quality control for certification and procedures
  • Facilitate the data flow when we engage in a service contract, to abide by the laws and regulations that are connected to these services such as identification laws, a personal credit check, and protection against fraud.

Data storage term

Dutchify will not store the collected personal data longer than is necessary, or longer than governed by law, and only keep the data to complete service agreements for which this data is collected.

We store your personal data after registration for a maximum of 1 year, unless you agreed otherwise or requested termination of your profile in writing.

In the case that you were employed at Dutchify there is longer period governed by the law that requires us to keep your date. For personal data that relates to taxes, employment, and financial documentation there is a storage requirement of 7 years, for any other files and data related to this situation its either 2 or 5 years.

Sharing data with third parties

Dutchify kan share your personal data to organizations that offer services or take on work to complete the service agreement. This includes contractors, suppliers, employers, government agencies and other business relationships.

Your personal data can also be shared outside of the Netherlands. Dutchify has taken the necessary precautions to ensure your personal data is protected according to GDPR laws.

It is possible that your personal data will be shared in the case Dutchify has to perform due diligence with regards to mergers, acquisitions or any other business transaction that requires us to disclose your data to the potential buyer or their subsidiaries.

The transfer of personal data occurs with justified cause, required by law and/or to use in the execution of the assignment with the goals mentioned in “Processing goals/justifiable cause”


Dutchify has taken adequate measures to prevent misuse, loss, or unauthorized access to your personal data. Partner companies and third parties that we share data with have all signed a data processing agreement with us to ensure this party operates at the same level of confidentiality.

Your personal data rights 

You have the right to get access to, make changes or delete your personal data from our database. Next to this, you have the right to transfer your personal data. This means that you can ask to receive the full file of the personal data we have stored from you. You will have to make an appointment at our head office to physically be present to receive the data file. We will require you to show identification in order to access your file when visiting our head office. You are unauthorized to look into personal data files of other clients.

To ask for an erase of your personal file you will have to send a request in writing to Dutchify Backoffice. After receiving your request Dutchify will determine if we are required to accept your request. The request will be tested to the legal requirements with regard to the storage of this data. If your request is valid, in accordance with the legal requirements, Dutchify will commit to deleting your personal data without unnecessary delays. If Dutchify deletes your personal data we can no longer complete any service agreement that existed between you and Dutchify. If you want to use our service at a later stage you will have to reapply and submit the necessary data to start the service agreement.


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Additions to and changing of the privacy statement

Dutchify can change the privacy statement without written consent or any announcement prior to the change. We recommend you to read this statement on a regular basis to keep up to date with any changes in the statement.


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