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Unlock the Secrets to a Smooth Dutch Relocation

Welcome to the threshold of your new life in the Netherlands! Join Nick, the founder of Dutchify and your personal relocation expert, as he unveils the roadmap to a successful move. Start your Dutch adventure with our free training video — your first step into a ‘gezellig’ living experience. Dare to Dutchify your life today!

Why the Netherlands?

Discover why the Netherlands is a top destination for expats seeking a vibrant cultural tapestry and a high quality of life. Our Netherlands relocation guide is your compass to navigating this transition smoothly. Learn about living in the Netherlands and embrace the journey with confidence.

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Meet Nick

Your Dutchify Guide

Hi I’m Nick, the architect behind the Dutchify moving course, and I’ve charted the course for countless expats. After 10+ years of working in the relocation industry for internationals like you and big corporate clients, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t work) when it comes to a relocation or move to the Netherlands. And believe it or not, but moving in one month time hardly ever works – you need to prepare and organize to succeed! Focusing on the 20 % of preparation work, document gathering and a realistic search strategy that will bring you the moving journey & house that you always wanted to get in the Netherlands.  Immerse yourself in my story and understand how the Dutch Relocation Masterclass can be the key to unlocking your smooth settlement in Holland.

Course Sneak Peek

Curious about what the Dutch Relocation Masterclass entails? Preview the course and get acquainted with its comprehensive curriculum, designed to cover every aspect of moving to the Netherlands – from housing to navigating Dutch bureaucracy.

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To level up your relocation

Free Session

Step into our one-hour free session and gain valuable insights into relocating to the Netherlands. Complete with a special offer to join the full masterclass, this session is a decisive step towards your Dutch dream. Don't miss out on Nick's exclusive tips and guidance.

7 mistakes book

Embark on your Dutch adventure the right way by avoiding common pitfalls. Our free guidebook, '7 Relocation Mistakes to Avoid', is your essential companion for a hassle-free move. Steer clear of the obstacles on your path to the Netherlands.

The Masterclass

Nick’s Dutch Relocation Masterclass goes beyond the basics. From your first moving checklist to settling in, we provide you with every tool you need for a successful relocation to the Netherlands. This is your comprehensive online guide to Dutchify your move.

Why is moving so complicated?!

And why do I have to think of so much stuff when I’m planning a move or relocation to the Netherlands? Why is it so hard to find housing, and why am I not getting any further? Isn’t there a better way? 

Discover the biggest reasons why your MOVE to the Netherlands is not working out for you – And walk away with a clear set of instructions on your best step to fix it – In a custom recommendation list drafted just for you!!! 

Join hundreds of happy dutchies

People who want to be prepared

For the exciting journey to the Netherlands

Kristen Moore

Fashion Model

I took the online program because I was planning to move to the Netherlands next year. The course is amazing and now I think i'll move to Amsterdam next month. So exciting!!


I got all the info I needed through the online program of Dutchify. Great preparation tool and Nick really knows how to share his knowledge.

Joanna Foxx

Fashion Model

Felicity Trump

Fashion Model

This was a perfect introduction to dutchify and what they can do to help. I was unsure if this service is something for me so the online program is a great first step. I learned a lot!

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Explore More with Dutchify

While the Masterclass offers a detailed blueprint for your move, Dutchify’s suite of services caters to every aspect of relocating to the Netherlands. Whether you need personalized support or specific solutions, we guide you every step of the way. And there's more—complete the free training to unlock a special surprise. Explore how Dutchify can tailor your Dutch relocation experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Masterclass is designed with the expat’s perspective at its core. It’s not just a moving checklist; it’s a comprehensive guide to Dutch immigration, providing practical advice and insider knowledge that helps you navigate the relocation process with ease. Plus, with personal insights from Nick, the founder of Dutchify, you’re learning from someone who has successfully walked the path before you.

Yes, our Netherlands Relocation Masterclass is an online course tailored for global access. Whether you’re planning your move from nearby European countries or from across the oceans, our digital platform ensures you can prepare for your Dutch relocation from the comfort of your home.

By downloading our free guidebook, ‘7 Relocation Mistakes to Avoid’, you’ll be well-equipped to sidestep common errors that can complicate your move. The guidebook complements our comprehensive online course for moving to the Netherlands, giving you a robust foundation for a successful transition.

Absolutely! We provide an exclusive offer to those who participate in our free training video. Complete the session to discover the special rate for our Masterclass and begin your journey to the Netherlands with Dutchify’s expert guidance.

Dutchify prides itself on providing continuous support to all our clients. If you have any questions throughout the course or about specific aspects of moving abroad to the Netherlands, our team is ready to assist you with personalized advice and solutions.

The Dutch Relocation Masterclass is self-paced, allowing you to digest the information at your convenience. Typically, clients can complete the course over a month, but you have the flexibility to adjust your learning to fit your schedule.

Yes, Dutchify is dedicated to supporting you before, during, and after your move. Our services extend beyond the initial relocation to help you settle in, integrate into the Dutch community, and address any challenges you may face as a new resident.

The Dutch Relocation Masterclass is ideal for individuals who are planning to move to the Netherlands and are within the one-year to six-month period before their relocation. This timeframe allows for a thorough understanding and application of the course materials, ensuring a smooth transition. If you are looking to move sooner, our comprehensive Dutchify services may be more suited to your immediate needs, offering personalized and expedited support to facilitate your relocation process seamlessly. We recommend visiting our services page to find the right solution for your current stage in the moving journey.

Ready to Dutchify Your Life?

Are you ready to embark on your Dutch adventure? Secure your spot in Nick’s Dutch Relocation Masterclass and pave the way for a seamless transition to the Netherlands. Because a smooth move is just the beginning of your vibrant new chapter.

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