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At Dutchify, your journey is personal. Whether you’re moving solo or with loved ones, we streamline your relocation to the Netherlands, ensuring it’s as smooth and stress-free as possible. We offer more than services; we offer a partnership. You’re at the heart of our mission, not just a client but a partner in success. Our personalized touch transforms your Dutch dreams into reality with comprehensive support, from securing your ideal home to easing immigration and beyond, all at exceptional value. Our commitment? To deliver our three core benefits that make Dutchify stand out:

You beat the market

Dive into the Dutch housing market with confidence — our advanced AI-driven platform and dedicated agents lead the way. Experience a home-hunting advantage, swiftly landing your dream residence, even in competitive markets. Your victory over the housing hunt is our measure of success

Real Personal Help

From day one, a devoted agent is your guide, offering a custom-fit experience with real heart. At Dutchify, understanding your story shapes our bespoke relocation services, ensuring every step feels like it's designed just for you, your needs, and your dreams

Unlimited Service

Imagine relocating with unwavering support — that's Dutchify. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re with you all the way. Count on us for ongoing assistance, ensuring your transition to Dutch life is as seamless as your favorite stories suggest.

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Personalized services for your move

Experience the unique mix of services that dutchify can offer to help you move or relocate to the Netherlands and find out how it feels to enjoy a seamless and stress-free relocation process. We put you first in every assignment and we help by thinking outside the box to give you the best moving experience. Combining the best technology to help you move and unlimited help until you’ve moved will ensure a happy result. 

You can get free help by subscribing to our content pages on social media, you can buy help through our webshop or book a free call to explore our personal services for your relocation to the Netherlands. Some of the services you can expect to find at dutchify include:

So start your dutchify journey by either going to our personal services page, our webshop or by booking a free call to explore the services that dutchify can offer for your Netherlands relocation. 

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Get Your Companies staff #Dutchified

The best solutions for your company, fully customisable to fit your needs. Here at Dutchify, we specialise in crafting solutions that cater to any size company, from agile startups to expansive corporations. We provide HR management & innovative relocation services, offering unparalleled support for all your newcomer staff in a very direct and personal way. Our solutions, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, are designed to deliver the best house hunting experience available in the Netherlands, setting us apart as the only relocation company with such an advanced offering.

We’ve measured the impact, and the results speak volumes: companies we’ve partnered with report a staggering 60% increase in staff retention year over year. This isn’t just an improvement; it’s a game-changer for your international staff retention strategy. Choose Dutchify if you want:

  • Tailored Solutions: Custom-built to fit your company’s unique needs, regardless of size.
  • AI-Powered House Hunting: The only relocation service in the Netherlands using AI technology to ensure the best results in the housing market.
  • Proven Impact: A demonstrated 60% increase in retention rates for companies we manage, translating into tangible business value.

During our free consultation, we’ll provide your company with advice on how to proceed with international hires and devise a custom-built solution at a competitive price that perfectly fits your needs. This session is designed to understand your challenges and objectives, ensuring we align our solutions to your strategic goals.

So discover the #dutchified difference. Book your free meeting today, and let’s discuss how we can elevate your company’s international hiring strategy and retention success.

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When I started my research into moving to the Netherlands, I quickly realised that it was not going to be straight forward, it was not going to be easy. Then, by chance, I came across Dutchify. It was a game changer!
From my initial enquiry I knew that my move was in good hands. Every detail was taken of and they fully understood my needs and what I was looking for. I was kept fully up-to-date at every stage; everything was explained and was fully transparent.

I type this from my new home in Vijfhuizen, the sun is shining and everything is good. In short, I could not have done this without Mira, Liz and everyone at Dutchify. Thank you my friends!



Housing service review Google

They are super helpful and trustworthy. I had a lot of questions regarding our relocation and housing hunt, and I was able to get prompt responses to each of my questions, either from Colin, Reann, or Cherrel.

Our main agent was Colin, and I could never dream of a better person to assist with our relocation. We managed to close the process of finding the apartment and getting the offer as new tenants within 5 working days! Colin took care of helping us gather all the documents beforehand, arrange the apartment viewings, and send the offer. Basically, on Monday we got to review potential apartments, Wednesday was for viewings; and on Friday we became new tenants. And it all happened fully- remotely since we are expats from Poland.We are beyond thankful. The whole process was stress-free and enjoyable.



Full dutchify relocation review

I’m very happy with Dutchify service. Dutchify helped me to relocate from UK to the Netherlands without any problems in this desperate COVID-19 time.

It’s really worth using their service if you’re coming to the Netherlands from another country,
it will help you to avoid staying in the hotel, looking for an agency that going to agree to let property to foreigners and speed up gathering necessary documents pack.
For the best result be mindful and start your moving earlier than later



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We are happy you noticed that. Because here at dutchify the individual always comes first, no matter how big the assignment is. And yes, we also provide service solutions for companies big and small. Just have a look at our corporate solutions page for more info. 

Each journey is unique, and that’s how we treat yours. Dutchify takes pride in crafting personalized relocation plans that cater to your individual needs and dreams, ensuring a move that feels like it was designed just for you

Our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team put you at the center of the relocation process. From our AI-powered housing search to our hands-on personal guidance, we offer an unparalleled blend of innovation and personalized care.

Starting your Dutch adventure is just a click away. With an easy booking, a free consultation, and transparent pricing, we lay the foundation for a smooth transition to your new home. Begin with Dutchify, and let us handle the complexities for you.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +31(0) 70 221 3179

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