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We give you personal help and want to make your relocation a unforgettable journey !

With your own personal assistant who will help you with every step of the relocation process. Make sure you get the best relocation to the Netherlands. Using our innovative platform designed to fit any HR process or company policy.

Housing service mentor Nick

Are you feeling lost because your employer is not giving you enough help to move to the Netherlands?

Congratulations if you signed for a new job in the Netherlands! You must be very excited to start your work in a new country. My name is Nick, and I’m the founder of dutchify. And I’m here to tell you that I can make the start of your new life in the Netherlands a lot easier for you. But let’s start with a question. Does your employer have a special expat desk you can go to?

If your answer is no! you are soon going to find out how difficult a move to the Netherlands can become. Especially if you don’t get any help from your employer. Or very little help. You can easily feel overwhelmed by all the “steps” you need to take to complete your relocation to the Netherlands. The housing market is overheated, it’s hard to schedule appointments to register and settle in. And you still need time to explore your new city and make some friends. Hey, I’ve been there too …

I understand the stress and anxiety you feel in finding a house and completing the relocation. I’ve been an expat myself for many years. And I know how poor help from your new employer can affect your life in a new country! You expected more help from your employer. So that you can move to a great house & start your new life in the Netherlands that was promised to you, and I get that feeling!

Most employers pay for 15 days of stay at a hotel. To give you time to complete your house search & relocation. But I know from experience that doing a relocation by yourself can take six to eight weeks. So pretty soon you are stuck living in a friend’s place, desperately searching for accommodation. Taking time off work to visit viewings and other appointments. But you just started your new job… and you don’t want to become a burden for your new employer! This whole process can feel overwhelming, making you stressed and anxious. And pretty soon you maybe get the feeling that you want to return home. Stop right here!

I’m here to tell you that there is a different way to complete your relocation. the Dutchify way. We prevent all of the above from happening. We save you a lot of time & money and we really care about your relocation journey. And we can work with any company policy & fit perfectly in a lump sum arrangement. So book your free consultation today to talk about a better way to move!

Can't wait to meet you in our free consultation call! - Nick

Your benefits for choosing dutchify include:

The biggest partner network in the Netherlands

Giving you a lot more to choose from than conventional websites for housing etc. Giving you access to insider deals and off-the-market listings. So you can settle for the best instead of settling for the next best thing!

A personal assistant helping you with every step

Unlike our competitors with dutchify you get one personal assistant that is with you from start to finish. You can send your assistant to viewings you cannot attend. Making sure your move costs less time and money!

An All Inclusive Moving Experience

We have a can-do mentality and our services always come at a fixed fee. We won't stop helping until you have moved and are 100 % happy! And we have free aftercare for as long as you stay in the Netherlands.

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The Get Dutchified Plan

What you need to do to start working with us!
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Free Consultation Call

On a Zoom call with Nick. So Schedule a free consultation or send us an email with some basic information.

Non Binding Proposal & Quote

Putting together an action plan of all the services you want. Sent to you on email so you can discuss and compare.

The All-Inclusive Moving Experience

After you approve our quote We’ll start to complete your Relocation Journey. And we will make sure to match your deadline and needs!

Don't settle for less

You get better listings and opportunities but We are only done when you are happy. In a house you can call home! And you will get year round aftercare to keep you 100 % happy!

Moving to the Netherlands Podcast
Free podcast

If you want to get the best preparation on a move to the Netherlands, download my free podcast! - Nick

Housing service to prevent busy viewings
Source: Amsterdam Viewing

How not getting help can cost you all your savings and your future in the Netherlands!

Extreme long line of viewers for a rental apartment in Amsterdam. It's total madness!!

The Dutch Housing Market has been overheated for quite some time, and estimates say this will continue until 2030 at least. So this could be you, standing in line, competing with all those people! Realtors work during office hours (9 to 5) and not on weekends. And why would they, if realtors already get 30 to 40 interested people for every apartment!!

If you are not careful with your Relocation to the Netherlands you could run out of savings because you are staying in a temporary accommodation. And you can easily become a burden for your employer because you constantly have to take time off for viewings. Only to get rejected because there were 20 other people who also wanted the house. So you start feeling pressured by the competition, forcing you to make a decision quickly. And this is usually not the right decision.

Let’s face it, you might need a bit of help! And with Dutchify’s help this situation will never happen!!

Housing service for the Netherlands

Everything you get from us to make sure you get a happy move!

Beat the Dutch Housing Market

With 300 + Dutchify partners You get insider deals to move to the perfect home (With off-market listings!)

Full Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100 % happy with the help and service we give you your money back. No questions asked!

The Best Advice

We are not a realtor or a landlord. So our advice and help is unbiased and dedicated to make you happy!

Personal Help

Every service gives you a personal assistant. Your assistant will treat you like a VIP and not like a number!

Help Outside Office Hours

We don't just work standard hours & we can attend viewings on your behalf. You can reach us 24/7!

Get some Dutchify Magic

We sometimes can complete a relocation in just 14 days. And when we do, we call it Dutchify Magic! 

If you are still doubting to get Dutchified!

Here are some Relocation Netherlands FAQ's

No not really. We charge similar prices as our competitors, but we give far better service in return. We always make a tailor made offer for your project. That means that we can design our service to meet your budget, making our help available for everyone. And to make Dutchify even more afforable, we now offer DIY Coaching products on our webshop! So you can start getting the best help for just 399 euro. That doesn’t sound expensive right?

We also have a pricing page giving you more information on our all prices. We list starting from prices there and give you an idea of what your final price will look like. But keep in mind that we always make a tailor made offer to every client. So the final price can be quite different from client to client. 

Great question. Here at dutchify we believe in giving you the power to make the best move possible. And Nick, our founder, did a couple of relocation in his life as an expat. So here is what makes us better according to him:

The relocation services I used forward your case to one or two realtors. Those realtors will organize one or two viewing tours. After that, you need to pick one of the houses you viewed, or continue the search without help. You get loads of emails during the relocation and you get different persons, doing different things for you. So it’s easier to get lost. And since most relocation services work in bulk assignments they can only spend a limited amount of hours on your case. So that leaves little room for personal attention. 

We do that different at dutchify. Your personal assistant will be with you for every step. We have a platform to organize all the communication & service steps. But the biggest difference is that we will actually view houses with you (and for you if you cannot attend). We don’t use two realors, but a network of 300 + partners. And we keep organizing viewing rounds until you have found that great home you want. Our partner network allows us to give you priority over other people looking for housing. With insider deals and sometimes even off the market listings. We think that this makes us better. Especially because we charge a similar price if you start comparing us to other companies! 


Sure, you can try to complete your move yourself. But you have to know that every agency (or municipality) only works 9 to 5 during workdays. Realtors don’t work weekends and also not after work hours. So picture yourself in your new job asking for a lot of days off, or half days off! If you get time off from your boss, you will be busy visiting the viewing appointments that are scattered all over your agenda during the week. One viewing is on Wednesday at 2 PM. Another one is on Friday at 9 AM. And if you don’t respond directly after the viewing, you’ll miss out. The apartment will be rented out! That’s really stressful! And you have so much competition that getting rejected is something very common. On average there are 40 tenants interested to every 1 property listing in the big cities of the Netherlands. And you want to take a listing but you got three more viewings, so you cannot decide now! By the time you do respond, everything is gone, rented out! So you are forced to start from the beginning again.

So going by yourself first is guaranteed to lose you lot of time. And where do you stay in the meantime? A short stay apartment is 40 – 50 % more expensive than regular rentals. We can save you all that time & save you money if you choose to work with Dutchify! 

Yes, you’ll save a bit of money on the fees you pay to us. But our help saves you a lot of money spent on temporary accommodations or hotels. And all the time we save you? The time you don’t have to take off at your new job. And don’t forget our 300 + partners in our network. Who will treat you with priority and sometimes also give you off-the-market listings? We also visit viewings on your behalf. Viewings that you cannot attend because of work. So we make up for the money you pay us!

Yes, we do guarantee results! Because we have one of the biggest partner networks in the Netherlands! So if our partner network doesn’t have it, it’s just not there. We also train our personal assistants to give you feedback on your relocation. So we will not always smile and say yes. We will also smile and say no. We will coach you during your relocation to make the best choices. And sometimes that means that we have to say no to something you ask from us. But this attitude does allow us to guarantee results! 

And our partner network will give you better listings, more to choose from, and priority. Especially if you compare us to conventional housing websites. We even helped some clients with off-the-market listings. This makes us confident to guarantee results. And we also have a money-back guarantee if you are not 100 % happy!

Great, we are super happy to help you get the best out of your relocation journey. We would first like to meet you, to learn about all your needs and requirements. Follow the Get Dutchified Plan and we will be ready to help you move!

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +31(85) 303-4044

relocation service pricing

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