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Full-service relocation and moving services to the Netherlands for companies and humans

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How we help you move to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great country that ranks in the top 10 of the world for the greatest place to live. No wonder you are interested in moving to this beautiful country full of windmills and tulips. We are Dutchify, a team of professionals that help you (or your company) with moving to our beautiful country. All our team members have an international background which helps us connect perfectly with your personal goals. We commonly help with Housing, Career, Immigration, and much more…

Dutchify is a service company (DSP) that offers professional moving & relocation services since 2016 and we perform these services on an innovative platform in the cloud. Giving you or your company the best life in the Netherlands.

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Some promises we make for every move to the Netherlands

Personal connection

One personal assistant that will help you from start to finish. You will basically know each other on a first-name basis and your assistant will continue helping after you moved.

Priority pick

With one of the best partner networks in the Netherlands. Dutchify can ensure you get priority pick on the results we find. This ensures you that we can deliver on a tight deadline and it gives you a lot more choice.

Custom packages

We at Dutchify don’t believe in one size fits all. And that’s why we can offer our paid services in elements. Allowing you the flexibility to choose. We also don’t believe in long assignments and lengthy contracts! You can book us on a needs to go basis

Integration with HR

Our platform allows you to monitor your progress in real-time. Making your move a stress free experience. And you can even invite your HR manager to monitor the move with you.

Easy communication

Our platform allows you to communicate with your personal assistant 24/7 in realtime. Next to this, we use Whatsapp and other means of communication to stay connected during our assignment together.


All our services are driven by results. And with the can-do mentality of the Dutchify staff, the strongest partner network in the Netherlands, and our innovative platform we promise you each assignment will deliver the result you expect.

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This is how you start your Dutchify relocation 

A Video Call

A free video call to discuss your moving plan in detail and recommend Dutchify services to help

Your personal offer

We draft a personal offer with a quotation after our call. This offer connects perfectly with your plan and budget.

Your personal assistant

Your personal assistant will help you complete the Dutchify services and is available to answer questions 24/7 through our platform.


A dedicated hotline for translation services, support and advice on any problem, and even a counselor for homesickness.


Why we are a perfect fit for your company

Dutchify was founded with the idea to give everyone the best life in the Netherlands. And we achieve this by applying our best practices to every assignment. So here is why we are a perfect fit for your company: 

Get Personal

When you have employees moving to the Netherlands you can rely on us. We focus on success with every mission and make a personal connection in every assignment in order to achieve this. If you choose Dutchify for your staff mobility you will get that in-house feeling, better staff retention, and a lot less stress! 


We believe in honest work and transparent reporting. Our innovative platform allows you to monitor the relocation of every staff member. We report everything on this platform, even problems or obstacles. Giving you or your HR manager full control. 

Do the Right Thing

Our team at Dutchify is dedicated to giving your employee what they want. And we won’t quit until we have achieved their goal. We don’t push your employee to accept a solution they do not want, and we will find alternatives if this creates a delay in the assignment. 

A Complete Solution

Dutchify has a preferred partner network of around 300+ partners in the Netherlands. And that number is growing. It’s this partner network that allows Dutchify to offer your company the best service. A result based assignment! And we can offer solutions for every step of a relocation to the Netherlands. Creating an omnichannel experience for your company. And you can even book us on a needs to-go basis. 

Are you already convinced that we are the right partner for your staff? Or do you need more information?

You can check out some of the companies we worked with below, read up on one of our case studies or book a free demo 

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Companies we are helping with relocation to the Netherlands

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Below are some pre-selected packages that are popular with our clients. This gives you a good indication of what our services will cost you. Please note that we make a personal offer for each client and we can always pick & mix to give you the best deal for your move to the Netherlands. Order your move today!

Immigration (Visa)

from € 900flat fee

Dedicated immigration specialist
Collecting documents
Drafting visa application
Monitoring the application
Scheduling appointments in the Netherlands
Personal assistant for the whole process
Housing (buying & renting)

from € 1499flat fee

Managing your arrival
House search with virtual viewing
Contract Mediation & legal protection
Scheduling local appointments
Real Time feedback platform
Your own personal assistant

€ ---- flat fee

Custom arrival package
Home search for renting or buying
Custom immigration
Multiple assignments (corporate)
Departure done right
And so much more ....