Dutchify | International Experience

"We got ambassadors from all parts of the world. We understand you and are ready to help in English, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish or German"

Dutchify | Pick up

"No waiting at the airport. We pick you up and hand over the welcome package right on the spot"

Dutchify | Relocation

"Dedicated search and contract mediation while still abroad? We got you covered with strong partner network"

Dutchify | Insurances

"Making sure all your insurances and subscriptions are ready when you land at the airport. Including a phone number and bank account"

Dutchify | Immigration

"Starting immigration process with the right knowledge? We got a network of experts dedicated to your request"



Who is Dutchify?

We at Dutchify make it our business to get to know you, and your family, to determine your needs and to help you find a home in your new city. We specialise in making a personal connection throughout your stay in the Netherlands and help you along the way.

We founded Dutchify with the idea that we want to help expats in a personal way by offering a fully custom service experience with the help of a strong network of preferred partners. Throughout a relocation you can consider us your consultant on the confusing Real Estate market in the Netherlands.

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About us


Dutchify | Service you deserve

Easy communication

Contact us through video chat or email and your personal assistant will answer directly to all your questions. You can also call us or use chat to get some tips for musea or diner. You can ask us anything, just try us.

Personal treatment

Video meetings and direct contact during your full relocation to ensure your personal needs stay an essential part of our service. Assigning a personal assistant during your stay to help you settle in to your home.

Custom packages

We fully promote freedom of choice and therefore you can select the service you expect from us. Just select one or more of our 5 BLOX or contact us to help you with your choice.

Questions we here a lot

We believe in transparency throughout our service, and this also includes a list of questions we hear a lot. We hand-picked the most important questions we get asked on a regular basis and we hope this convinces you, even more, to pick up the phone and start calling us.

If your question is not on this list you can give us a call by going to our contact page, or schedule a meeting straight away!

Can you send me your houses?

Uhmm, sure! However, we are not a real estate agency, so we can easily send you all the best offers of all our preferred partners. In this way, you end up making the best choice on the market, instead of seeing just half of what the market has to offer.

I need a webcam for my interview? Why?

This would be greatly appreciated, however, it’s not a requirement. We use a video interview to introduce you to your personal agent. In this way, you build up a relationship with him/her which is important when we are taking the next steps for you.

You can also call our office and ask for your agent by his/her first name, how great is that!

I did my interview, how to start?

We use the free interview to really zoom in on the details you find important when you come here. Our focus is not on the price and the number of bedrooms just yet, let’s first talk what you are really searching for. We have a big network of investors and realtors who might just have the dream apartment you are looking for.

Don ‘t forget to complete your registration after we make you a price proposal.

What does your service include?

Our service is there to protect you from common issues when renting an apartment. A quick visit to one of the many Facebook groups shows daily messages of people getting used/scammed in renting an apartment, and we are talking serious money here!

So we make sure you make the best offer possible to the landlord, protecting your interest and wishes to the best of our ability. We also check your contract for any legal issues and we are present for both check in and out.

Do I pay you even if I don't find a house?

This question always surprises us a little bit. Because, if you don’t find a house by the time you need/want to move, where are you going to live?

It is true that we do a lot for free, and we are even willing to talk to your employer to start a partnership in which we can offer no cure/no pay services. However, each relocation takes time, and time is also valuable to us.

We do, in most cases, quote you for 10 hours of work. However, when we completed an offer, we discount the hours not used from the end invoice. This way you know what it’s costing you, and you don’t pay for unnecassary fees. Easy right?

Can I still search by myself?

We offer different packages, which you can see on our pricing page, and some packages allow for you to search next to our services. Next to this, we are always happy to get your choices by mail so that we can start an offer, or schedule a viewing, while you are busy at work or school.

However, viewing and offering by yourself while you hire us as your representative will work counterproductive. How would you respond if you first get a call from your friend asking to buy/rent something from you while moments later a company calls to ask you the same thing for that friend who just called you?

You contracted us because you need help. So, let us help you in the best way we know how!