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With professional services focussed on getting you the best life in the Netherlands

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No-deal Brexit? We got you covered!

We offer a special brexit service package to ensure a successful transition to the Netherlands before January 31st

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What about relocation with DAFT?

Dutchify is specialized in relocations from the USA and we even know where to find the nearest Home Depot equivelant

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Getting the best life in the Netherlands

Full-service relocations focussed on you. We believe in giving everyone the best chance of a perfect life here, even if your employer doesn't help you. We are professional and certified but we rather focus on your story. Book your consultation today!

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“Finding the right apartment/house is crucial to make you feel at home”

The Dutch housing market is one of the most difficult markets to enter, and recent numbers from ABN Amro only indicate a small cooldown for 2020. That’s why we believe it’s important to have a professional partner who finds the perfect home for you. Finding the perfect home can be a challenging process due to time restraints and the need to be physically present in the Netherlands to get an apartment/house and finding the right place is essential to start your life abroad.

Dutchify is here to be your professional agent on the Dutch housing market, taking away all the hassel, stress and the need to be physically present, so you can enjoy the experience.  We will help you get familiarized with the Dutch property market and negotiate the best deal possible for you. Our goal is to get you the best life in the Netherlands and we will keep supporting you once you are settled in. We are your single point of access to the Dutch housing market, with a far bigger offer than other suppliers and we ensure you find the right house that makes you feel at home.

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Here is how the housing process works:

1. Free intake

A free intake to discuss your pending move and awnser questions

2. The Market

A introduction to the Dutch housing market based on your needs

3. Property lists

Lists of homes that meet your criteria and give you priority pick

4. Viewing rounds

Joining you/ attending your personal viewing tour with local car pick-up

5. Negotiations

Negotiations for the home you choose based on your needs + advice on expectations for rent, service charges etc.

6. Legal check

Our inhouse legal team checks the rental contract and instructs on signing

7. Check-in Time

Accompany you during check-in & helping you with utilities and services like TV & Internet

8. Aftercare

Aftercare and support whilst you live in NL with free access to Dutchify premium events and other social outings