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“Master your housing search by knowing these 7 Crucial Steps to find your new house”

Hey, You!

Are you taking too long to find your new house? Or are you overwhelmed by the time you have to spend on finding a new house in the Netherlands? Don’t let your Dutch housing search with Rentbird hold you back from living your dream life in the Netherlands….

To tell you the truth, Rentbird offers a great service to help you find properties. But that service alone is not enough to get you a new house!!!

And there’s no reason for you to spend the next two to three months struggling to find a new house in the Netherlands vinden…

Why? Because you can download our FREE checklist to find your new home better and faster . In this free download Colin will also give you some personal tips to improve your search… FOR FREE!

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Are you using Rentbird and still not successful in finding your new home?

If you download my Free checklist PDF   you will get the best tips & tricks to make your search a success. What you will find in the checklist:

Your new house

Getting a new place in NL is super difficult. Find tips on how to deal with this and search better in the free checklist PDF

The Contact

You hear: No! Fully booked too many times. In this free checklist PDF you will find tips on how to call & get results

Reality of the market

The housing market is constantly changing. And your needs cannot always be met completely. Find tips on how to deal with this

Your application

Getting your new place is like applying for a job. Find tips on how to make a perfect application and get your new home!

Prevent scams

A shortage in housing = a lot of scammers who try to take advantage of you. Find tips on how to avoid scams and be safer!

The costs of moving

Your new place can come at a cost. Find tips in the free checklist PDF to calculate and to set a realistic budget for your new home.


Happy movers!!

The checklist that Colin has made is wonderful. I didn't knew what I did wrong ... until I read this checklist. There's some really great tips in the checklist I used to get my new house!
Found a place in Amsterdam

Hoi, ik ben Colin….

…and I work at Dutchify, where I’ve been helping people like you find a new home for over two years. During my time at Dutchify, I’ve learned all the ins and outs of our housing and full relocation service – but more importantly, after helping more than 200 clients, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t!

And now I’m going to be very honest with you: finding a new house in the Netherlands without help is not going to happen at the moment… not even with Rentbird!

Because even if you have chosen Rentbird, you will often spend months searching. Especially if you don’t have the whole day to devote to your house hunt. And often you become discouraged or spend too much money on a temporary place. Such a Waste!

At this very moment, you are probably sending dozens of emails daily and calling many real estate agents to find your new home. And it takes up too much of your time!

But I have the solution! I have put together a free checklist that is really going to help you search for and find your new home better. So get to work better today and download the free checklist at the top of the page!

And if it still doesn’t work out after downloading the checklist (which I can’t imagine) or you simply don’t have enough time for your search? Maybe we can call? Then I can explain what services Dutchify offers to take your search off your hands completely.

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A partnership to make your house search even better & give you a wonderful dutch life!

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